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Sustainability Films for the Social Sciences: Introduction

A list of films exploring various aspects of sustainability of interest to social scientists. All films are held by Woodruff Library, Emory University. Reflects holdings through April 2010.

Using the Collection

Use of Emory film collection is guided by U.S. copyright law. Individuals can view films in the Music and Media Library and there is a smaller circulating collection. Films can also be checked out for classroom use.

Copyright restrictions apply to public showing of films outside a classroom.  This includes showing films at clubs, public lectures, or film series. It does not matter if the showing is free.

Films may be shown if the library owns public performance rights or the film is in the public domain.

The Emory Music and Media Library staff can work with you to determine the licensing and viewing rules for titles in the film collection.More information on the use of Emory films is found on the Music and Media FAQ page..

Film Categories

This film list is divided into the following pages:

  • Policy- Films that address politics and policies governing environmental practices.
  • Social History- Films that address historical behaviors and lifestyles shaping environmental outcomes.
  • Production Chains- Films that document the link between production and consumption chains and environmental outcomes.
  • Political Economy/Stratification- Films that address the political economy of the environment and the stratification of environmental experiences.
  • Social Movements- Films that address collective efforts to challenge environmental policies and practices.
  • Social Engineering- Films that explore and propose new social behaviors and practices that will bring about a more sustainable relationship with the environment.

About the Compiler

The Sustainability in the Social Sciences film list was compiled by Selina Gallo-Cruz, a 2009-2010 Piedmont Fellow and PhD candidate in sociology at Emory. In fulfillment of her Piedmont Fellowship curricular development project, Selina has compiled a list of Emory library films addressing the link between social behaviors and the environment. The list is organized according to topics of interest to social sciences instructors: policy, social history, production chains, political economy/stratification, social movements, and social engineering.

The Emory University Piedmont Project is a nationally acclaimed campus sustainability program that facilitates interdisciplinary engagement on a host of environmental issues, supports curricular development on topics of sustainability, and sponsors campus-wide programs implementing sustainable practices

For More Information

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