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A guide to research on the final essay for Spanish 301

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Final essay (35%)

A major component of this course is the writing of a successful research paper on an alternative text that the students should select depending on their own interests and preferences. The final paper can be written individually or, more recommended, in pairs. The extension of the final paper is 9-10 pages (when it is written individually) or 12-13 pages (when written in pairs); in both cases, that extension excludes the bibliography. When two students collaborate in the same final paper, they get the same grade.

The term paper is one of the most serious components of the course; consequently students should not wait until the last weeks of class to begin their work. They need to identify their topic of interest early in the semester and look for a primary text related to that topic. A close working relation with your professor is essential.

There are three class sessions devoted to the research essay (“talleres de investigación”) and six different stages in the writing of the final essay, which are the following:

- Selection and commentary of a primary text (1 page, 1% of the grade) 23 de septiembre 2016

- Essay proposal and commented preliminary bibliography (1 page excluding the bibliography, 2% of the grade) 4 de octubre 2016 

- Initial outline and second bibliography (1-2 pages excluding the bibliography, 2% of the grade)  20 de octubre 2016

- First draft and second bibliography (4 pages excluding the bibliography, 12% of the grade)   8 de noviembre 2016

- Outline of conclusions (1 page, 3% of the grade)    22 de noviembre 2016

- Final version (15% of the grade)  6 de diciembre 2016



Spanish Language & Literature Research Guide

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