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Emory Writing Center: Writing Center Policies

EWC Policies

Who We Serve

We serve students and faculty in the Emory College of Arts and Sciences and the Laney Graduate School (LGS). We can also meet with writers from other schools/divisions if they are working on assignments for courses in the College or LGS. Because we have more demand than we are able to meet from students in the College and LGS (who provide our funding), we are not able to serve students from other schools/divisions. Check back soon for information about other writing support services on campus.

No-Show Policy

If a writer fails to show up for a scheduled appointment and has not cancelled the appointment in our online appointment system, he/she will be counted as a “no-show.” Writers who are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment will also be counted as no-shows. If a writer is a no-show two times, he/she will automatically be blocked from making appointments for the rest of the semester (and for the first month of the following semester if the offense occurs near the end of the semester). Many students who want appointments at the Writing Center cannot get them. Failing to show up for appointments without cancelling them is discourteous and disrespectful to one’s fellow students. This policy will therefore be strictly enforced.

Maximum of One Appointment Per Day and Two Appointments Per Week

Writers are not allowed to have more than one appointment per day or two appointments per week. A walk-in appointment counts as one appointment. This policy is to ensure that we can serve all of the writers who want to schedule appointments and to prevent writers from relying too heavily on our services. One of our goals is to empower students to take greater ownership of their writing; we do not want to foster overdependence. Writers who disregard this policy will receive one written warning and then will be blocked from making appointments for the rest of the semester (and for the first month of the following semester if the offense occurs near the end of the semester).

Maximum Appointment Length of 45 Minutes

Our regular tutoring appointments are 45 minutes in length for good reasons:

  • Longer appointments become unproductive as tutors and writers become tired and as writers become overwhelmed with the amount of material discussed.
  • We absolutely need the fifteen minutes between sessions for writers and tutors to complete important paperwork. We need this paperwork for accurate record keeping and in order to get feedback from writers that enables us to improve our service.

The 45 minute limit policy will be strictly enforced by all tutors. For longer projects that may benefit from more than 45 minutes of conferencing, we ask that writers schedule an additional appointment on a different date.

Bring a Hard Copy of Your Writing with You

If writers lack a hard copy, they will be asked to print it at Cox Hall or Woodruff Library. Exceptions include media that by their nature cannot be printed: websites, videos, and audio recordings. (In that case, we welcome working from writers' laptops.) If those media are accompanied by a paper, writers must still bring in a hard copy of the paper.

Expectation for Coming On Time

Writers must be punctual and will lose their scheduled appointments and be counted as no-shows if they arrive more than ten minutes late. In addition to a hard copy of their papers, writers should come prepared by bringing a hard copy of their assignment instructions, any other relevant writing (notes, research), and a plan for what they want to work on.

Policy against Composing, Proofreading, or Editing Student’s Work

In accordance with the Emory Honor Code, EWC tutors will not write work for other students. Writing includes composing, revising, proofreading, and editing. Instead, tutors work with writers to discuss strategies and resources. It is not a violation of academic integrity for a writer to generate ideas based on a conversation with a tutor or for a tutor to model revision or editing with a short passage.

Appropriate Behavior

We ask that writers respect tutors, other writers, and the EWC space. If a writer harasses another person in the Writing Center, exhibits violent behavior, or deliberately damages EWC property, he/she will be asked to leave and will be suspended from using the EWC.

Take Home Exams Policy

We only work on take home exams when the writer provides written permission from his/her instructor granting permission to receive peer feedback.

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