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Library Focus Groups: Home

Results of faculty and graduate student focus groups about current and future library services.

About the Focus Groups

The Woodruff Library has hosted faculty and graduate students at several focus groups since 2008. The purpose of the focus groups is for planning and assessment. The Services Division staff hosted the groups. The Services Division is comprised of the library staff managing Reference, Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, Music & Media Library, Chemistry Library, Subject Librarians, and Reserves. Vince Carter from the Emory Office of Institutional Research moderated.

The Library thanks the faculty and students for taking time to meet with us.

We Heard You: Changes made in the Library

  1. Upgrading and improving interfaces to discoverE and EUCLID to improve access.

  2. The Research Commons is opening in the fall semester and will provide a designated space for graduate students and faculty.

  3. Formed an End-of-Term Library Task force to address noise and cleaning concerns during final exams.

  4. To help address the inconvenience of having books in storage, the "browse shelves" feature has been turned on in EUCLID and we added additional information to books, including table of contents and links to Google Books or HathiTrust to help especially. Also, we joined HathiTrust and are piloting access to older e-books in public domain.

  5. Partnering with faculty the subject librarians created a list of essential texts to remain permanently in the Woodruff Library which totalled 5,000-10,000 books.  In addition, faculty identified titles that needed to remain in the circulating collection and returned items from the library's limited-access storage.

  6. Requests for more online books and online journals are resulting in the library accelerating development of e-collections.

  7. Kicking off Fall semester 2011, we are piloting “Library Workshops on the Road” for graduate students based on graduate student requests.

  8. Woodruff librarians are actively involved in national committees, including ALA and OCLC, to seek additional ways to expand the sharing of manuscript and rare book collections.

  9. Added additional dual scanners/photocopiers (a.k.a. BizHubs).

  10. Librarians are using the focus group results as benchmarks for annual and quarterly reports; using focus group results as clarification for survey results and other library usage statistics.

  11. Established a marketing campaign introducing the role and expertise of subject librarians.

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