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Political Science 490: United Nations: E-Resources

Official UN Databases


Electronic Sources for United Nations Documents


New (January 2005), rather comprehensive, public system for retrieving official full-text UN documents since 1993. Currently contains over 800,000 files, primarily in PDF format. Resolutions from 1946 onwards are also present here (as in several other locations—see below). There is a simple and advanced search available. There is also full-text searching available.


The Documentation Centre has the following full-text items:

General Assembly
• Verbatim Record from the 55th to 58th sessions
• Documents from the 55th to 58th sessions
• Resolutions from 1946-2003
• “Landmark” Documents
• Selected Press Releases

Security Council
• Resolutions from 1946-present
• Presidential Statements from 1994-present
• Meeting Records from 1994-present
• Selected Other Documents and Reports

Economic and Social Council
• All current year documents (2004)
• Documents 1994-2003
• Resolutions 1994-2002
• Decisions 1994-2002
• For some reason, 2003 documents and resolutions are missing. However, one can locate these (in full-text) in other databases such as the UNBisNET site (Dag Hammarsjköld Library)

Major Documents from the UN Secretariat

• There is also a link to the International Court of Justice (, where one can locate basic documents and decisions. Many of these decisions and cases are also available in the Readex Microfiche collection.

The Readex Index to United Nations Documents & Publications, provides fast access to current and retrospective United Nations documents and publications. Articles appearing in UN periodicals are individually indexed. Indexing of the bilateral and multilateral treaties in the UN Treaty Series is another unique feature of the Index.

Contains the "Catalogue of UN publications and documentation indexed by the United Nations Dag Hammarskjld Library and the Library of the UN Office in Geneva," Voting Records of the General Assembly (38th session 1983-present) and Security Council (1st year 1946-present), and Index to Speeches (beginning with 1983 for General Assembly, Security Council, and Economic and Social Council; 1982 for Trusteeship Council).

  • United Nations Treaty Collection
    This collection includes comprehensive information relating to treaties and international agreements entered into by members of the United Nations. Scroll down to "Access to Databases" and click on the icon. Choose "United Nations Treaty Index."
  • United Nations Databases
    Provides access to online databases that support the areas of audio-visuals, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Humanitarian Affairs, Statistics and Indicators, Treaties, United Nations Document Symbols: Guide, United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine, NGO Directories.
  • United Nations Dag Hammarskjld Library
    Divided into two categories: Information Resources (UN-I-QUE, maps, documents alert, UN Documentation: Research Guide, UN System Pathfinder); About the Library (electronic resources, services and collections, DHL's databases and publications, directory of services, depository libraries)


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