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Political Science 490: United Nations: Budgetary Information


United Nations General Assembly Committee on Contributions
The General Assembly's Committee on Contributions advises the UN on the distribution of contributions to the UN's budgets across UN member countries, and publishes reports on the status of members' contributions to those budgets. Additional relevant information is also available via the Global Policy Forum's section on UN finances.

Overview of UN Finances

The Global Policy Forum produces a good overview of UN Finances, some general breakdowns of budgets, trends, alternatives for reform and the like.  Quoting from the website:

This site provides extensive information on the UN's finances.  A section on Background Information and Analysis on UN Finance provides a history of UN finance and a chronology of the UN financial situation.

Our sections on General Analysis, UN Documents on UN Finance and articles on Financing of UN Programs, Funds and Specialized Agencies will help to provide a broader understanding of UN finance issues.

Picture Credit: UN

A series of Tables and Charts map the financial details.  There are monthly updated tables and charts on member states' assesments, payments and debts to the UN budget. This section includes also data on the funding of UN programs, funds and specialized agencies as well as the systemwide budget.

Specific Program Budgets

The  budgetary porcess for the United Nations is much like other governmental organizations in which there are proposed budgets, revisions, approvals, and audits.  Bugets for each of the UN's agencies and issue areas are decided, approved and implemented on a biennial basis. Documentation on the budget can be relatively dense and opaque:

HOWEVER, there is a basic rubric than one can follow for proposed budgets:

A/[even-numbered session]/6 (introduction)

A/[even-numbered session]/6 (Income Sect. [1-3])

A/[even-numbered session]/6 (Sect [1-35])

The sections correspond to either specific agency or issue area and can be located using the link above.

For the regular programme budget, follow this document rule:

A/[even-numbered session]/6/Add.1

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