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Political Science 490: United Nations: Citation Assistance

Citing IGO materials

The Chicago Manual of Style is now available online and is searchable!

The key point to remember is that for United Nation documents in print or online, the document number must be included as well as the official name of the document and the name of the agency/organ that produced it.  A URL is essential for online documents.
Online Examples:
1. United Nations Security Council (SC), Resolution 7, “The Spanish Question,” June 26, 1946,
2. SC, Resolution 1731, “The Situation in Liberia,”  4(a), Dec. 20, 2006,
3. UN General Assembly, Resolution 45/1, “Admission of the Principality of Lichtenstein to Membership in the United Nations,” Sept. 18, 1990,
Print Examples, using Chicago Manual of Style (borrowed from Indiana University [Bloomington] guide to citing IGO Publications:

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Lyon, France, 9-12 November 1998. Compilation of Partnerships: Partners for Development, Lyon France, 9-12 November 1998. Geneva, 1998.

Mimeographed Documents
U.N. General Assembly. Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Report of the Legal Subcommittee on its Thirty-ninth Session, held in Vienna from 27 March to 6 April 2000. (A/AC.105/738). 20 April 2000. (Mimeo).


Official Records

U.N. Economic and Social Council, 42nd Session. "Agenda Item 3: Development of Natural Resources," Annexes, Official Record. New York, 1967.

Meeting Records
U.N. General Assembly, 41st Session. Second Committee. Summary Report of the 34th Meeting. 21 Nov. 1986 (A/C.2/41/SR.34). Official Record. 4 Dec. 1986.

U.N. Security Council, 15th Year. Letter dated 7 August 1960 from the President of the Republic of Upper Volta to the Secretary General. Supp. 1960 (S/4430). Official Record. New York, 1960.


U.N. Security Council, 3rd year. "Resolution 42 [The Palestine Question]". 5 March, 1948, p.14. In Resolutions and Decisions of the Security Council 1948 (S/INF/2/REV.1). Official Record. New York, 1964.

U.N. Security Council, 4106th Meeting. "Resolution 1292 (2000) [On various topics]" (S/RES/1292). 29 February 2000. (Mimeo).


Treaty Series
United States of America and The Netherlands Agreement Relating to Surplus Agricultural Commodities, Signed at The Hague 7 August 1956 (No. 4069). United Nations Treaty Series 281 (1957) pp.57-63.


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