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Political Science 394: Political Economy of Labor and Development (Fall 2016): What are Some Specialized Development Studies Resources?

International Organizations

CABI Direct

CABI Databases--great for global health, environmental/ecology issues and development

Specialized Libraries


  • Of particular interest to researches are the extremely useful and well-researched subject guides
  • Links and recommendations for other relevant development studies, broken down by subarea/category
  • Catalog indexes over 150 development related journals.  Keep in mind that we may not subscribe to all of these journal titles.  Some interlibrary loan requests may be required



  • Focuses on issues of international development
  • Excellent and detailed country profiles
  • Lots of working papers and reports


In particular, check out PAIS and Sustainabilty Science Abstracts (go to "select databases," then go to "Environmental . . ." and then click on the " plus sign and click on "Sustainability Science Abstracts").

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