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How to: LibGuides: Box Categories and Boilerplates

This LibGuide is designed to provide helpful information for librarians creating their own LibGuides.

Box Types

With Springshare, you have the opportunity to use several different box types in order to organize and distribute content through your LibGuide.  While some boxes are better and doing performing certain functions than others, it is important to be aware of each type of box so that you can use the LibGuide system to the best of your ability.  Please review the LibGuides on Box types listed.


Unpublished guides that contain copyable/linkable generic content for other guides.  These boilerplates are common to most LibGuides and reflect core services important to customers.

In order to use boilerplate content in a box, select the "Reuse Existing Box" option when creating your new box.  In the "Box to Reuse" scroll down box, select the "Boilerplate for research guides" guide.  Then select the box that you want to reuse by selecting it from the "Select the content" box.  In this box you will find all the boilerplate boxes that you can implement into your LibGuide.

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