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Political Science 322: Politics of Southeast Asia: Data Resources for Comparative Political Research

Asian Development Bank

Comparative Economic Research I

·  IMF International Financial Statistics (via the IMF's eLibrary)--The IFS is a standard source of statistics on various aspects of international and domestic finance. The IFS is also accessible via Databases at Emory and on CD-ROM in the Data Center.

·  Indiastat--Indiastat focuses on India specifically and contains data on a very wide range of social, economic, and political topics. When trying to download data, users should click on "IP Access User click Here for login" to access the files.

·  International Labour Organization--The ILO is the main international labor-rights advocacy group in the world and has brought together a variety of information about labor rights and working conditions internationally. You can access their databases directly at


OECD iLibrary

OECDiLibrary is an online service that provides full-text access to OECD studies, periodicals, and statistics. Included are annuals, outlooks, policy reviews, conference proceedings, analytical reports, guidelines, working papers, all periodicals, and numerous statistical databases.

Comparative Economic Research II

·  Foreign Labor Statistics--This site, which is hosted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, allows for international comparisons of unemployment, compensation, and other indicators.

·  Global Market Information Database (GMID)--GMID is produced by Euromonitor International and contains time-series data (1977-present) on a very wide range of economic and social indicators such as income, GDP, consumer expenditures, and population demographics. The data are available through both Excel-ready spreadsheets and .pdf reports. GMID is also accessible via Databases at Emory.

·  IMF Balance of Payments Statistics (via the IMF's eLibrary)--The BOPS contains detailed data on countries' international economic transactions in their current accounts, capital accounts, and financial accounts. Topics covered include trade in goods and services, foreign direct investment, portfolio investment, and holdings of reserve assets. Also available as ICPSR Study #8623. The BOPS is also accessible via Databases at Emory and on CD-ROM in the Data Center.

·  IMF Direction of Trade Statistics (via the IMF's eLibrary)--The DOTS is available on-line and in the Electronic Data Center on the public workstations. It contains contains monthly, quarterly, and yearly data on countries' exports and imports, broken down by individual trade partners. The DOTS is also accessible via Databases at Emory and on CD-ROM in the Data Center.

·  IMF Government Finance Statistics (via the IMF's eLibrary)--The GFS breaks down government expenditures and revenues by various categories from 1991 onwards. We recommend that patrons use this dataset in conjunction with print editions of the Government Finance Statistics, which are available in Woodruff Library. Also available as ICPSR Study #8624. The GFS is also accessible via Databases at Emory and on CD-ROM in the Data Center. The "historic" GFS data for 1990 and earlier are also available on CD-ROM in the Data Center.

Comparative Economic Research III

·  UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics-- UNCTAD's on-line Handbook of Statistics contains a variety of data related to international trade, investment, and development. The temporal coverage is somewhat limited, but users can download data into Microsoft Excel.

·  World Bank World Development Indicators (WDI)--The WDI provides convenient access to hundreds indicators on over 200 countries and territories. Data are available annually from 1960 forward, with variation across countries and indicators. The database is part of the Bank's Data Catalog of statistical databases and other data collections. The WDI is also accessible via Databases at Emory and on CD-ROM in the Data Center.

·  World Bank Research Group--The WBRG holds numerous downloadable datasets pertaining to topics such as international trade, development, and finance.

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