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Outreach & Education (Woodruff Library): Staffing & Structure

Mission, Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, Tips

Program Staffing & Structure

Outreach & Education Team

  • Leadership: The Outreach & Education Team is led by a team leader who reports to the Services Divsion Leader.
  • Membership:  The Outreach & Education Team is composed of members of the Services Division (and others) engaged in the library's instructional mission. There is one full time Instruction Librarian who serves on the team.
  • Purpose:
    • Coordinates major instructional and outreach events such as Freshman Orientation programs, finals study breaks, etc.
    • Instruction Librarian coordinates and teaches Freshman English (101 & 181) and other first-year courses.
    • Organizes and teaches most of the library workshops (Zotero, Endnote, Fix your Facebook, etc.).
    • Coordinates partnerships with other university organizations in order to further student learning and enhance the student learning experience.  (Examples of partnerships/outreach with other organizations include:  The Emory Writing Center, Emory's Center for Interactive Teaching, Study Abroad Office, etc...)
      • Oversees the Library's Graduate Writing Support Service in which a staff member works one-on-one with graduate students on their writing assignments.  Writing consultations and instruction take place in person or via email.
      • Oversees the Library's partnership with the Emory Writing Center in which some staff are cross-trained in each area and then provide one-on-one writing assistance to students.  The Emory Writing Center also uses the consultation stations at the Library Service Desk as a Satellite Writing Center in the evenings after 5PM.
    • Coordinates specializes workshops for university programs. Examples include:
    • The Instruction Librarian may assist subject librarians with their instructional activities on an as-needed basis.
    • Coordinates creating videos for teaching and outreach.
    • Team Leader serves on the Liaison Leaders Group to help coordinate work of the subject librarians.
    • Assists in coordinating assessment activities such as focus groups, questions for the library survey, etc...

Subject Librarians

  • Subject librarians perform or coordinate the instructional activities for their subject areas.
  • The Instruction Librarian may assist subject librarians with their instructional activities on an as-needed basis.
  • Librarians are responsible for their own assessment activities and for recording their instructional activity in the library's statistics tracking software.
  • The Instruction Librarian, reference staff, subject librarians and others create and offer workshops on a variety of topics (e.g. Zotero, Endnote, Fix your Facebook, etc.) that are open to the Emory community.
  • Subject librarians partner with other library units (e.g. DiSC), libraries (e.g. MARBL) and units of the univerity (e.g. ECIT, CFDE) to provide workshops and specialized instruction to students and faculty.
  • Subject librarians engage in one-on-one appointment-based instruction with students, faculty and others.  Subject librarians assist and teach users how to find and locate information, perform research on a specific topic in a specifc discipline or mulit-disciplinary area, and general research assistance.  They may consult with users in their offices, at the consultation stations behind the Library Service Desk, or via phone or email.
  • Subject librarians and reference staff provide one-on-one walk up instruction and research assistance at the Library Service Desk.  Reference Staff are available at the Library Service Desk 9-8 M-Th, 9-5 Fri, 1-5 Sa & Su.  When Reference Staff are not at the desk, other Library Service Desk staff members have been trained to assist users with research questions.
  • Subject librarians reach out and market library services and resources to their deparmtents.
  • Some subject librarians teach regular department courses.
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