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Outreach & Education (Woodruff Library): Assessment

Mission, Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, Tips


Outreach & Education Team and Subject Librarians

Programmatic assessment of instructional activities is included in:

  • the Library's Annual Survey 
  • the Outreach & Education Team's annual Faculty Instructional Survey sent to faculty who have participated in the instruction program that year. [INCLUDE INFO ON ACCESSING SURVEY DATA]
  • a standardized feedback form availalbe to evaluate instuction sesssions.

The Services Division has also conducted focus groups of undergraduates and graduates students that included discussions of library instruction activities.

Subject Librarians who perform instructional activities are responsible for managing and documenting assessment of their instructional efforts. Examples of classrooom assessment activities include:

  • pre/post surveys of class participants - to asses prior learning and learning from library session
  • one-minute papers - ask students to write the most important/useful thing they learned and/or the questions they still have unanswered
  • polls - to discover opinions, attitudes, experiences; use before, during and after session; can use technology or just question students
  • directed paraphrasing - ask a specific question in which students have to restate what they learned in their own words
  • students teach each other - ask students to investigate something and then share what learned in own words
  • assignment - ask students to perform a task that will demonstrate if they have learned the concepts presented
  • online feedback form.

One-on-one interactions have been assessed in the following ways:

  • for transactions at the library service desk: comment cards
  • for transactions in the Graduate Writing Support Service:  online survey
  • for individual subject librarian consultations: beta tested online survey
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