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Outreach & Education (Woodruff Library): Staff Development

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Staff Development

Staff Development

  • For ideas on using the ACRL's new Framework for Information Literacy, see our IL Framework Libguide.
  • Librarians and staff who are engaged in instructional activities are encouraged to participate in staff development opportunities related to improving and developing their expertise in this area. Funds are available for librarians to take advantage of these opportunities.  Examples of past staff development include: 
    • Attending the various tracks of the ACRL Immersion program.  (All instruction librarians are encouraged to attend this program.)
    • Participating in Emory CFDE (Center for Faculty Development and Excellence) & ECIT (Emory Center for Interactive Teaching) programs.
    • Participating in webinars, meetings, and conferences that are related to instruction.
    • Participating in training related to educational technology.
    • Organizing and participating in in-house learning opportunities (e.g. Emory Libraries' Instructor Development Community of Practice).
      • ID-COP (Instructor Development Community of Practice): In 2010, librarians from the Emory Libraries who engage in instructional activities formed a group to support continuous improvement in library instruction through a structured program of development opportunities and shared learning for EUL instructors.  The objectives of the group are to:
        • Create programs and workshops, drawing on internal and external experts, to improve instructor teaching skills
        • Create repositories of in-house and published materials on library instruction
        • Create online forums for instructors to share questions and expertise on instruction
        • Improve assessment of student learning and instructor teaching
        • Create programs that focus on active learning and are unique, inclusive and experimental.


Orientation and Training for New Librarians with Instruction Responsibilities

  • Each new librarian has varied instruction experience, therefore each subject team leader develops a plan and recommendations for that librarian's training. 
  • The Instruction Librarian orients new librarians to the library's instruction policies and procedures.
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