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Subject Librarians

Identifies who we are and what we do

Summary of Review Process

The Subject Liaison Task Force was charged Fall 2011 by Frances Maloy and Xuemao Wang to develop an updated job description for subject librarians; the last description dates from 2009.   Over the course of the last year the Task Force met with subject librarians through special meetings, RIL,  and Subject Team meetings.   The Task Force (TF) also met with Services Division Leaders and with selected staff from over divisions and libraries.   In June the TF presented the first draft to Service Division for review and comment.   The revised description was then presented to all subject librarians and selected staff outside of the division for review and comment.   The Service Division Leadership Group reviewed and approved the attached document in early September.

Areas where significant changes were made in the revised document are highlighted below:

  • Core responsibilities/expectations:   the Task Force set forth four core expectations that faculty and students have for all subject librarians
  • Affiliations: each subject librarian is expected to have at least one affiliation with either a coordinating team or activities such as cataloging, acquisitions, emerging technologies, and assessment.
  • Cross divisional collaborations:   when warranted, subject librarians are encouraged to engage in cross-divisional collaborations
  • Name change of Subject Liaison to Subject Librarian

SL Task Force Charter

Task Force Timeline

2012 SL Team Leader Documentation

Subject Librarian Documentation

Document approved by Subject Librarian Task Force (6/12), subject librarians team leaders, Services Division leaders (9/12), and subject librarians.  Senior Vice provost approved (7/13).

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