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PHIL100 Basic Problems in Philosophy: Philosophy Dictionaries

This course surveys basic problems in philosophy, such as questions concerning truth, knowledge, justice, beauty, and the good.

Philosophy Resources: Dictionary

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Online Access)
First published by Routledge in 1998 in both 10 volumes and a CD. Now it is available online. Covers an wide breadth of subject matter.

Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Online Access)
One of the major English encyclopedias of philosophy.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Online Access)
A freely-accessible online encyclopedia of philosophy maintained by Stanford University.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Online Access)
A free online encycolpedia on philosophical topics.

Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy (Audi, 1999) 
General Reference B41 C35 1999
Provides broad coverage in entries by noted scholars, but excludes living philosophers.

General Reference B41 B53 2005
Covers Western and non-Western traditions. Notable for its coverage of women philosophers.

Philosophical dictionary (Bunge, 2003)
General Reference B761 .B765 2003
Covers all the major branches of contemporary philosophy, logic, semantics, metaphysics, and epistemology, as well as practical and applied philosophies. Most entries are brief and nontechnical, highlighting useful philosophical terms.

Dictionary of Philosophy (Lacey, 1996) 
General Reference B41 L32 1996 
Covers only Western philosophic traditions. Notable for its bibliographies.

Dictionary of Philosophy (Mautner, 1996) 
General Reference B41 M38 1996 
Primarily covers Western philosophic traditions. More dictionary-like in its approach compared with other sources listed here, one unique feature of this work is the inclusion of guidance on pronunciation of non-English and less familiar terms and names.

Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion: Eastern and Western Thought (Reese, 1980)
General Reference B41 .R43 1996
Includes cross references, brief bibliographies, and biographical entries.

Dictionary of world philosophy (Iannone, 2001)
General Reference B41 .I26
Covers terminology, concepts, schools and traditions of the vast field of world philosophy. Entries come from West African, Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Jewish, Korean, Latin American, Maori and Native American philosophy, including the field of Pre-Hispanic thought: Nahua philosophy.

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