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ENVS 225: Institutions & the Environment: Team Proposal Assignment

Taught by Dr. Tracy Yandle the class considers the form and function of existing social institutions used to govern environmental interactions and collective choice, including markets, bureaucracies and agencies, democracies, and NGOs.

Preparation for submitting proposal

In order to ensure your team topic has a breadth of information across disciplines and time frames, submit your proposal to Kristan for review. What to submit?

1. draft proposal

2. draft preliminary bibliography

When to submit? By February 3, 2017 to Kristan

What do you receive? (1) Information letting you and Dr. Yandle know whether or not this topic will be successful for a semester-long project (2) Guidance on where the gaps remain, for instance, which disciplines' perspectives are missing from your review of a social-ecological system

If you haven't already, I will step your team through the "Brainstorming ideas" steps and tools below.

Brainstorming Ideas

Answer the following based upon Elinor Ostrom's Science article "A General Framework for Analyzing Sustainability of Social-Ecological Systems:

  1. Where? A country, a city, a region, a lake, etc.
  2. What? identify the natural resource or species (Try Web of Science or Environmental Science Collection)
  3. Who manages? management, park rangers, government agencies, commons, fishermen, farmers, etc (Try the Institutions search)
  4. When? What time frame are you studying? Books will find the historic information (aka background and general information) whereas newspaper articles can capture the current story
  5. Whose perspective are you studying? An ecologist's? If so, use scientific journal articles found in Web of Science. Whereas for a policy analyst, it would be best to use journal articles in PAIS. Economists publish in Econlit or Social Sciences Abstracts for example. Or to understand the industry and/or financial markets impacting CPR, try ABI Inform Complete. To obtain a perspective of the community, try newspaper articles, documentaries, social media, or the web sites for labor groups and associations. You can find these and other databases at Databases@Emory.

Proposal Assignment

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