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ENVS 225: Institutions & the Environment: Assignment Advice

Taught by Dr. Tracy Yandle the class considers the form and function of existing social institutions used to govern environmental interactions and collective choice, including markets, bureaucracies and agencies, democracies, and NGOs.

Annotated Bibliography FAQs

1. What style to use? There are several styles for writing an annotated bibliography. The style I like best is highlighted on OWL and it is the Chicago Manual of Style. 

2. What do I include in the annotation? You only want to include annotations for items you plan to use in your project. You want to include a brief description, the intended audience, and how it will help you with your research project. For examples and further instructions, see Writing an annotation or The Writer's Handbook

Organizing and Sharing a Bibliography

Use Zotero Groups to collect citations, full-text articles, URLs for web sites, etc. You can also add notes. Individual team members can add for everyone else to see.

Good paraphrasing

This handout from the Writing Center at UT/Austin provides some good examples of paraphrasing.

Subject Guide

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