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Finding Images: a guide to using visual resources: Managing and Sharing

Quick overview of searching for images at Emory's Robert W Woodruff Library and beyond

ARTstor help

Click here for ARTstor FAQs and help tutorials

Emory Community should use this link: and then click ENTER HERE

1. Log in to your ARTstor account. (You must have a registered ARTstor account to download images) * Be aware that some image providers do not allow downloads     

2. Double-click an image thumbnail to open the Image Viewer.

Kim Collins is Emory's local administrator; she can provide you with the user code & password to obtain instructor privileges.

The Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) program, makes available publication-quality images for use in scholarly publications free of charge to facilitate scholarship in the arts.


Presentation Help

Power point, Prezi, etc.  see ECIT

downloading from ARTstor

ARTstor has been using Java for downloads of individual images, but recently the U.S. Department of Homeland Security began recommending that Java be disabled due to security concerns. After our update, users who download single image files will receive a zip file that contains a JPEG image and an HTML file with the associated metadata. In addition to removing the need for Java, using zip will allow ARTstor to pursue other feature enhancements, such as additional options for image group downloads.

For some users, mainly those on PCs, it will be necessary to install software such as 7Zip to unzip their downloads. Please do take this time to make users at you institution aware of this impending change. We will of course be providing updated help documentation.

This does mean unzipping an image when you download a single image. This is unfortunate, but the lesser of two evils in regard to the Java security problems.  Artstor is working on a more suitable alternative and has assured me that they are aware that this is not a satisfactory solution.

One alternative for people using PowerPoint is to save the image to an IMAGE GROUP and then export it to PowerPoint. That way you don't have to unzip the image.

To do this:

  • Right click on the image you want and choose "save selected image to new image group"
  • Name the group and click save
  • Choose ORGANIZE from the toolbar and open the image group
  • Choose TOOLS from the toolbar and "export image group to PowerPoint"

The image will then open in PowerPoint format and you can paste the image into your current PowerPoint or add additional images.  Unfortunately there is not an option to export to OIV at this time.

Getting Started with Luna

Getting Started with LUNA

1 Accessing LUNA. Login at using your Emory NETID and password.  You must ***LOGIN***to get all collections

2. Searching
Enter terms into the box on the top right. The LUNA search will understand some Boolean terms (such as “and”, “or”) and wildcard characters (“*” for multiple un- known letters and “?” for single, unknown letters).
Browse All: Click Explore, Select Browse All. In the column on the left, you can filter terms based on the categories of “Who,” What,” “Where,” and “When.” Browse Categories: Click Explore, Select Browse Categories. A list of browsing categories, under the headings of “Who,” What,” “Where,” and “When” will appear alphabeti- cally.
Advanced Search: You can search using the three search options below: Enter your term(s) in the box on the right and use the drop down box on the left to select a field. The And drop-down menus on the far left allow you to combine search options. At the bottom, select the collects you want to search.

In the example above, the search looks for images with “Egypt” in the Country field, “Egyptian” in Description field, and “gold” anywhere in the record.

3 Sorting
Once Luna has retrieved a set of images for you, you can sort the images by filtering them using the “Who,” What,” “Where,” and “When” terms that appear on the left.

4 Export

Double click on the thumbnail image of your choice, then choose “Export”, Save File and OK.

5 Media Groups

Finding and printing your Professor’s Media Groups Click Explore and select Media Groups. You can then select your professor from the list or you may search for a professor.

Subject Guide

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