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Digital Art History: Kress Report - tools

Inspired by the report, Transitioning to a Digital World: Art History, Its Research Centers, and Digital Scholarship, by Diane M. Zorich for the Kress Foundation and CHMN

Tools at Emory




is a multimedia Web‐book about Art

Transitioning to a Digital World TOOLS

The Transitioning to a Digital World report mentions a wide varierty of tools used for digital art history, but comments that  the uptake of technology among art history research centers and throughout the discipline is thought to be low compared to other humanities disciplines.

  • Desktop tools (word processing, spreadsheet and bibliographic software).
  • Research management tools (ENDNOTE and Zotero)
  • Presentation tools (Powerpoint, ARTstor’s Offline Image Viewer (OIV), OMEKA)
  • Communication tools ( Email, Skype, etc.)
  • Social media tools (blogs, wikis, online forums)
  • Learning management systems (Canvas, ReservesDirect,)
  • data visualization & analysis tools  (GIS, rendering, or text analysis)
  • Image manipulation tools (light boxes, zooming capabilities, and 3‐D rotation)
  • Image recognition tools (Google Googles)

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