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Digital Art History: Conferences

Inspired by the report, Transitioning to a Digital World: Art History, Its Research Centers, and Digital Scholarship, by Diane M. Zorich for the Kress Foundation and CHMN


Digital World of Art History, 7/12/12

The proceedings from a one day conference, The Digital World of Art History, which was organized by the Index of Christian Art and held at Princeton University on Thursday July 12th, 2012 have just been published electronically. The conference was devoted to digitization and the arts  and the papers can be seen at

1. Shaping and Leading Digital Texts: The Future of Art Bibliography Initiative
Carole Ann Fabian
2. Bringing Medieval Stories to Life Digitally: Two Performance Websites
Evelyn (Timmie) Birge Vitz and Marilyn Lawrence
3. The Princeton Digital Humanities Initiative
David Mimno
4. Digital Dexterity: The Morgan's Medieval World at Your Fingertips
Maria Oldal, Elizabeth O'Keefe, and William Voelkle
5. Cause for Celebration? Copyright and Scholarship in the Arts
Gretchen Wagner
6. Hidden Collections become Digital Treasures
Trudy Jacoby
7. Lost and Found: New Realities in Art Historical Research
Gwen David
8. Preserving the present: Current Best Digital Practices
Melitte Buchman
9. The Blue Mountain Project: A Digital Library of the Avant-Garde
Sandra Ludig Brooke
10. The Subject is Iconography
Judith Golden
11. Boundless Information: Bibliography at the Index of Christian Art
Jessica Savage
12. New Partners and New Directions for the Index of Christian Art
Henry Schilb
13. Digital Splendor: The New York Public Library Manuscripts Project at the Index of Christian Art
Beatrice Radden Keefe
14. Resources from the Index of Christian Art outside of the Index Itself
Jon Niola
15. Art Clouds: Reminiscences and Prospects for the Future

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