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The ARTHIST 329 Reconstructing Ancient Rome guide (Fall 2012): Inscriptions

This course will consider the history and topography of Ancient Rome by investigating monuments on Pirro Ligorio's Anteiquae Urbis Imago map of 1561


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Also see, Inscriptiones latinae liberae rei publicae. Attilio Degrassi 1887-CN520 .D45 V.1-2

Corpus inscriptionum latinarum

Corpus inscriptionum latinarum : consilio et auctoritate Academiae litterarum regiae borussicae editum.Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Berolini : apud G. Reimerum 1862-  (8th Floor STACKS in the Folio section)

A multi-volume collection of ancient Latin inscriptions from the whole territory of the Imperium, geographically and systematically arranged

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.1        

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.2         

 CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.3         

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.4 SEC.1          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.4 SEC.2          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.4 SEC.3          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.5         

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.6 SEC.1          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.6 SEC.2          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.7 SEC.1          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.7 SEC.2          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.7 SEC.3          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.7 SEC.4          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.7 SEC.5          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.7 SEC.6          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.7 SEC.7

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.8 SEC.2          

CN520 .C6      V.6 PT.8 SEC.3

Index of public buildings and monuments is on page 5267 of Volume 6, Part 8, Section 3.

Corpus inscriptionum latinarum:  Conspectus

Vol. VI:            Inscriptiones Urbis Romae

  • Pars 1, nos. 1-3925 (Sacra, Imperatores, Res Sacerdotum, Res militum).
  • Pars 2, nos. 3926-15126 (Monumenta Columbariorum, Tituli Officialium, Sepulcrales).
  • Pars 3, nos. 15127-24320 (Sepulcrales).
  • Pars 4, fasc 1, nos. 24321-30681 (Sepulcrales, Varii, Fragmenta).
  • Pars 4, fasc. 2, nos. 30682-36745 (Sacra, Imperatores, Magistrati, Res Sacerdotum, Res Militum, Monumenta Columbariorum, Tituli             Officialium).
  • Pars 5, Falsae.
  • Pars 6, fasc. 1, Index- Nomina Virorum et Mulierum.
  • Pars 6, fasc. 2, Index- Cognomina Virorum et Mulierum
  • Pars 7, fasc. 1-7, Indices


Digital CIL

  • CIL Open Access : This digitized version of the CIL will initially comprise of the more than 50 parts (of vols. I-XVI + auctaria and of v. I (edition altera)) published before 1940
  • Archivum Corporis Electronicum   This database allows access to the collection of squeezes, photographs and bibliographical references maintained by the research centre of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (CIL), sorted by inscription-number. Digital images of inscriptions and squeezes (when available) can be viewed at different resolutions. The CIL includes the Latin inscriptions from the entire area of the former Roman empire, arranged by region and by inscription-type.
  • Epigraphik-Datenbank  Clauss / Slaby
    If you have a number,  search PUBLICATION: with O6, your inscription number, ex. 06, 02246 -

    Publication: CIL 06, 02246 (p 3307, 3827) = D 04404 = SIRIS 00437 = RICIS-02, 00501/0160
    Province: Roma          Place: Roma
    G(aius!) Rabirius Post(umi) l(ibertus) / Hermodorus // Rabiria / Demaris // Usia Prima sac(erdos) / Isidis

Indexes for CIL I2, part 2, fasc. 4 and CIL XVII, part 4, fasc. 1.
Concordances for the volumes of the CIL.
CIL database of photographs and bibliographic references.


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