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Digitization and Digital Curation: Site Map

Guide Overview

In this guide you can find information about

  • Emory Digital Editions: monographs and serials from Emory Libraries Collections that have been digitized and place online in electronic form

  • News & Highlights: announcements of our recent accomplishments and activity, along with articles spotlighting various aspects of the digitization program

  • Access Digital Versions: helpful hints on accessing online versions of our digitized books, and where you can go to view digitized audiovisual recordings

  • Place a Request: Emory faculty interested in seeing a portion of the libraries' collections available in digital form can work with their subject liaison to create a digitization proposal

  • Current Activity: a Gantt chart showing the status of digitization projects we are now working on

  • Past Activity:  our quarterly production statistics

  • Still Imaging Equipment: a guide to the still imaging services we provide for the university, and the infrastructure we use to fulfill this mission

  • Audiovisual Equipment: a similar guide for our audiovisual services

  • Our People: the staff of the Digitization & Digital Curation Team; and membership of the Digitization Selection Committee

 For other inquiries please contact us: 

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