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Chinese-African Relations: News & Chinese Government Documents

Information resources related to Chinese interests in Africa.

News and Chinese Government Document 非洲新闻与中国政府文件

This section contains news on Africa, and the cooperate projects between Africa and China.  The news resources are from Chinese websites, Chinese news agencies and international organizations.  Below are links to Chinese official documents on its policies towards Africa and African countries in terms of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation, Chinese economic aid to Africa and China-Africa new strategic partnership.



Baidu is the largest search engine in China headquarted in Beijing, it is very much like GOOGLE in America.  It covers a comprehensive news in Africa and China-Africa cooperation projects.


This is a news website of the United Nations.  It contains news on Africa and translated into Chinese for all the Chinese and Chinese businesses to consume.


Xinhua news agency is one of the major official news providers in China.  It reports widely things happening in Africa in almost all the aspects.


Renmin news agency is another major news office in China.  It covers wide-range news on Africa and China-Africa related topics.


Guangming news agency, another big news resource in China.  It also reports broadly the news on Africa and China-African cooperation in many fields.

China Core Newspaper Database 中国主要报纸数据库 (Emory only)

CCND selects core newspaper articles published in mainland China since 2000, the sources are from 1,000 publicly issued newspapers in mainland China.  Search words should be Chinese character.


This is the New York Times in Chinese.


This is the Wall Street Journal in Chinese.


Chinese Government Documents

The Chinese government occasionally  issues policies on economic relations, trade, aids, science and technology collaborations with Africa and African countries.  Here is the one published not long ago:



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