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African Literature: Websites

African Literature Discussion List

H-AfrLitCine A moderated electronic discussion group jointly sponsored by H-Net (Humanities- On-Line) and the African Literature Association to provide a forum for the discussion and exploration of African literature and cinema.

Their web site has information on subscribing, an archive of past discussions, a listing of important events, conferences, African literature & cinema reviews, etc.

African Literature Websites

Africa South of the Sahara (Stanford): African Literature & Writers and South African Literature. Extensive lists of internet links.

African Diaspora & African Literatures at Columbia University Libraries

TIP: Some links are to subscription databases limited to Columbia users. Check to see if Emory has the resource.

African Literature on the Internet (Columbia University) Extensive list of links.

LITAF : littérature africaine francophone Database of Francophone African Literature (In French)

The Literary Map of Africa (Ohio State University)
A bio-bibliographical database designed to be a comprehensive research and information tool on African literature. Covers all of Africa. Click on a country to find a list of major and emerging authors with links to additional information about each. Also searchable by author name.



More African Literature Websites

Africa Writes, an annual  festival of  African writing sponsored by the Royal African Society  and the British Library.


African Crime Fiction Database (Indiana University) Database of "crime, detective, and mystery novels that are set in Africa or feature African characters." Find crime fication by country or language of publication


African Language Materials Archive (ALMA)
ALMA is a multi-partner project focusing on the promotion and documentation of literature and literacy in the languages of Africa. It further serves to assist African language authors and publishers in publicizing and distributing their work.


Diasporic Literary Archives Database of which institutions hold the papers of writers worldwide. Includes writers from Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa. DLA is a partnership of Yale University, the National Library and Archives Service of Namibia  and others. Based at the Univ. of Reading, Reading, U.K.


Index Translationum - World Bibliography of Translation
Begun in 1932 by UNESCO, the database provides bibliographical information on books translated world-wide. The online database only includes works registered since 1979; printed volumes must be consulted for earlier translations.



Littérature africaine francophone (LITAF)

In French. Online database of citations to 5000 + works of literature from francophone sub-saharan Africa. Provides bibliographic details and indicates which libraries (in France and elsewhere) hold the title. To be updated monthly. The web database is an extract of the full LITAF database (containing 13,000 + citations to literature and criticism) which will be available on a CD-ROM produced by the "Agence universitaire de la francophonie"


Lusophone African Writers - "Autores Africanos"

In Portuguese. Extracts from the work of Lusophone African writers. Has a little biographical information and a link to poetry in English and Portuguese by Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese writer who spent his youth in South Africa plus examples of poetry from many other Lusophone African writers..


Lire les femmes écrivains et les littératures africaines / Francophone African Literature

From the Dept. of French Studies, University of Western Australia on Francophone African writers, esp. women writers. Includes interviews in French with the writers by the Dept. and from Amina magazine, information on the literature of Benin, Cameroun, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinee, Mali, Senegal, Zaire, biographical information on the writers, bibliographies, and a directory of Francophone African book publishers, summaries of books by women authors during the colonial period. Includes an English version.


Postcolonial Studies website (PS) is a project in progress at the English Department at Emory University. Begun in Spring 1996, it is intended to serve primarily as a resource for students of postcolonial literature and theory at Emory University. Another important objective, however, is to provide a site on the Web where people from around the country and around the world can come for an introduction to major topics and issues in Postcolonial Studies. The information provided is not intended to be either exhaustive or authoritative, but rather to furnish a scaffolding for more intensive explorations into a field that is rapidly becoming very important. Covers a number of African writers.


UNESCO. Collection of African Copyright Laws

In English, French, Spanish. Full text of each country's copyright law, in Adobe pdf.


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