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FILM 506: Methods in Film and Media Studies: Department Thesis Guidelines

Departmental Deadlines

  • May 15 - June 1: Initial research consultation with James Steffen (Film and Media Studies Librarian and instructor for FILM 506) about possible research topics. You may confer with him either in person (preferred, if you are in town) or via email.
  • June 15: Submit 2-3 thesis topics that you will research over the summer to Tanine Allison and James Steffen.
  • August 15:  Submit a 20-item, annotated bibliography of books/articles that you have read/researched for each topic proposed on June 15 (40-60 items total), in addition to a document that summarizes the research that you have done, and provides justification for the thesis topic that you have chosen to pursue. More guidelines regarding the annotated bibliography will be posted on the online research guide for the course. Send the annotated bibliographies to both James Steffen and Tanine Allison.
  • September 2-15:  Second, in-person consultation with James Steffen to check in on your research progress.
  • October 1: One chapter outline due to James Steffen.
  • November 1: One full chapter due. Also identify your thesis advisor by this date. Send both pieces of information to James Steffen and Tanine Allison.
  • November 15: Abstract and detailed outline for entire thesis due to James Steffen and your thesis advisor.
  • December 15:  Submit either the introduction and one chapter, or one chapter and substantial progress on a second chapter; detailed thesis outline; bibliography; and names of all members of thesis committee. Submit to James Steffen and your thesis advisor.
  • January 15: Finish chapter 2 (or another quantity determined by your
    thesis advisor). Submit to your thesis advisor.
  • Sunday, March 15, 2015, 11:59 pm: Draft of completed thesis due to your committee.
  • Mid-April, 2015:  Completed thesis due to Graduate School.
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