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DANC 190/THEA 190 - The Art of Eating: Subject Headings

Food-related LC (Library of Congress) Subject Headings

Books, videos and other library materials are assigned Library of Congress (LC) subject headings based on their content. Here is a sample list of film-related subject headings, some of which pertain equally to books and videos (visual materials). When you view catalog records in discoverE and EUCLID, these subject headings display as active links pointing to other items with the same subject.

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Sample Subject Headings

Agricultural industries

Agricultural industries -- United States (Adding the subheading "United States" limits the results geographically.)

Agriculture -- Economic aspects -- United States

Convenience foods

Cooking -- Drama

Cooking -- French -- Drama (A more specific variation of the above.)

Diet -- United States

Food habits -- United States

Food industry and trade

Food industry and trade -- Quality control

Food supply

Meat industry and trade -- United States

Sustainable agriculture

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