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Animal Studies Research Guide: Home

A guide to library resources for researchers interested in the interdisciplinary field of animal studies.

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Welcome to the Animal Studies Research Guide

Sir Edwin Landseer, A Group of Animals, Geneva (circa 1851) Courtesy of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Schaefer, Scott, et al. European Painting and Sculpture in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1987.

About This Guide

Animal Studies -- the interdisciplinary study of human-animal relations

This guide supports Emory researchers interested in the rapidly expanding field of animal studies, the interdisciplinary study of human-animal relations. It offers an overview of several of the major texts available to animal studies scholars across the disciplines, plus key resources for both beginning and senior researchers.

The guide is divided into the following sections:

  • Getting Started with Animal Studies
    Provides links to anthologies, encyclopedias, and major book series pertaining to animal studies and assists students new to the interdisciplinary study of human-animal relations.
  • Animals in Literature and Art
    Highlights some of the resources available to scholars interested in literary and artistic representations of animals, including animals in medieval bestiaries.
  • Animal Ethics and Animals in Philosophy
    Offers an overview of several introductory works on philosophical and ethical approaches to animals and to the "human/animal divide."
  • Animals in Film
    Links to reference material and books on animals in film, and highlights several films related to animals or featuring animals in film.
  • Animals in History
    Points to several resources on human-animal relationships and histories of human interactions with individual animal species.
  • Animal Studies Journals
    A selection of major scholarly journals in the field of animal studies and relevant, related fields.
  • External Links and Resources
    A collection of links to major professional organizations, academic resources, and nonprofits of interest to animal studies scholars.

Animals at Emory: News

How Dogs Love Us

Oct. 7, 2013. Do our dogs love us? It's a question all dog owners say they know the answer to, but neuroscientist Gregory Berns is trying to prove it by training dogs to get in an MRI and scanning their brains. His findings are coming out in his new book "How Dogs Love Us : A Neuroscientist and His Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain."


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