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Postwar Soviet Cinema: Oral Presentation


In the second half of the semester, each student will give a 15-20-minute (maximum) oral presentation on a historical topic of your choice, accompanied by a bibliographic handout(minimum 5 sources) distributed in class. Successful presentations will explain both the broader cultural and historical importance of the chosen topic and its significance for the Soviet/post-Soviet film industry specifically. Ideally, the presentation will move beyond general summary to offer a clearly articulated claim or thesis. You may include brief film clips.

Contact the instructor for the link to the signup spreadsheet.

Sample Topics

Below is a list of possible presentation topics. You may also present on another topic cleared in advance by the instructor.

  • The “Eastern” genre
  • Georgian cinema
  • Soviet literary adaptations (Shakespeare, Tolstoy or Dostoevsky)
  • Vasily Shukshin as a writer, actor and filmmaker
  • Vladimir Vysotsky as an actor and songwriter
  • Women filmmakers in the Soviet Union
  • Soviet science fiction films
  • Soviet animation
  • Soviet documentary films
  • Soviet film comedy (satires or slapstick comedies)
  • Representations of the Afghan war in post-Soviet Russian cinema
  • Blockbuster films in the post-Soviet Russian film industry
  • Nikita Mikhalkov as a figure in contemporary Russian film and politics
  • Post-independence Georgian/Armenian/Ukrainian film industry.
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