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MUS 190: Wagner's Ring: Gods, Giants, Dwarves: Smart Searching


Electronic library catalogs like EUCLID or discoverE and other databases like JSTOR and Academic Search Complete provide bibliographic references to or full text of journal articles, books, and other materials.

While there is no standard “search interface” (how the search screen looks and how your search is interpreted), almost all databases offer the following standard features that will help reduce the confusion and enable you to perform effective searches.

Truncation and Wildcard Searching

Use a truncation symbol to retrieve word variants or plurals. Use a wildcard symbol to substitute or replace a character. These symbols vary by database; check the database’s Online Help for the correct symbol.


adopt*               retrieves adopt, adopts, adopted, adoption

wom?n              retrieves women or woman


Boolean Operators (AND, OR and NOT)

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