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MUS 190: Wagner's Ring: Gods, Giants, Dwarves: Find Books & Scores

Books & Scores at Other Libraries (WorldCat)

Catalog of the holdings of over 11,000 libraries in the U.S. and abroad, including books, sound recordings, videos, and other materials.  Use this to find out what exists outside Emory.

Truncation symbol: * (use after 3 or more characters)
Plurals: + finds plurals formed with either -s or -es. wax+ finds wax and waxes.

Interlibrary Loan

Emory's Interlibrary Loan service can get items you need from other libraries.

Books and Scores at Emory

Use discoverE to search Emory's catalog for books, CDs, DVDs, scores, and online materials.

  • To find a libretto, use a search such as Walkure libretto English, preferably a title search.
  • To find materials about Wagner or his works, use Advanced Search to search by subject.

Sample Subject searches

  • Richard Wagner operas
  • [Wagner] Ring des Nibelungen
  • Wagner Rheingold
  • Wagner Siegfried
  • Wagner Walkure
  • Wagner Gotterdammerung

Here's a sample discoverE search by subject, using the Advanced Search feature.


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