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Culture and Society: Finding Books

A guide to library resources (e.g. books, databases, encyclopedias) related to the sociology of culture.

Theories of Culture

Much of what is considered canonical sociological theory was written by French and German thinkers before 1930, when the book was the dominant form of publishing.  For this reason, its important to know how to find English translations of these books in the library catalog.

Finding Books in the Catalog

DiscoverE is Emory's main search tool to find books, journals, videos, government documents, microfilm collections and other materials at all Emory libraries.  

Under the "Libraries" tab in on the library homepage, click on discoverE to do a simple search: 

  1. Type in your keywords.
  2. When you get some results, use "Refine My Results" on the left to narrow your search by author, item type, date, library, and more.


  • Use the "Advanced Search" option to limit your item search by type (e.g. book, video, database) and to add additional author, title, and subject keywords.  You can also restrict your search by language.
  • Once you find a relevant book, click on the entry in discoverE.  Look to see how the book is classified by subject.  When you click on the subject link, you will see other items categorized under that subject heading.  Who wrote this book?  Click on the author's name to see more materials by the same writer.   


  • Remove some terms from your search
  • Add synonyms using OR in upper case with parentheses--for example: gamer AND (women OR woman OR female) will return results on women gamers, woman gamer, or female gamers.   


Tip: Consult the discoverE help page for further information.

Empirical Studies of Culture




Classic Theories of Culture

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