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Sustainable Consumption: Home

A guide for researching sustainable products, as well as interventions, news, and other literature on sustainability.

Getting Started

This guide will cover: 

  • Finding resources for assessing the environmental impact of companies and products.
  • Searching for scholarly articles on sustainable consumption.
  • Locating reference resources, handbooks, bibliographies, and grey literature on sustainability.
  • Finding current news on sustainable consumption and development.
  • How to access films about sustainable consumption that the library owns, as well as free videos online. 

What is Sustainable Consumption?

The Journal of Sustainable Production and Consumption defines "sustainable consumption" as: 

...the production and use of products and services in a manner that is socially beneficial, economically viable, and environmentally benign over their whole life cycle.  


Because the study of sustainable consumption crosses interdisciplinary boundaries--drawing from scholarship in disciplines like engineering, anthropology, ecology, sociology, public health, environmental science, psychology, economics--you will need to use a variety of resources to pursue this topic effectively.  

If you have any questions as you conduct your research, please do not hesitate to contact me:  

Nidia Bañuelos

Sociology and Development Studies Librarian


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