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ARTHIST495RW: Art History Honors

As serious researchers at the Honors level, it’s important that you begin to branch out from basic search strategies and think more broadly about the wide range of ways in which you can build your honors bibliograph

Agenda, Sept 15th


I. Library refresher (discoverE, Worldcat, ILL, etc.) - Share your tips

II. Database review
·         e.g. newspaper databases for consulting exhibition reviews

III. Quick discussion on search as exploration – time permitting

IV Create a search strategy for an aspect of your research

In-Class Exercise; Create your own search strategy

1.Write your initial research question in the space below and circle  or underline the keywords or keyword phrases.


2. Write a separate keyword or keyword phrase in each box. Add alternative keywords or keyword phrases (think synonyms) for each of them.

3. List below the subject disciplines professionals who publish articles about your topic are likely to come from.   For example:  Art History, Classics, History (Modern, World, Medieval Ancient), Anthropology, Area Studies, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

4. List several subject databases you can use to search for information about your research question(s)

5. Time permitting, search databases above, using the keywords you have listed.

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