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FILM 503 - Censorship in Film and Television - Fall 2017

Locating Film Reviews

For films produced within the last decade:

  • LexisNexis Academic. Includes in major world newspapers, local state newspapers, and entertainment industry sources such as Variety.

For older films:

  • New York Times Historical  (1851-1999) Provides the full text of every article as well as search capability by key word. For issues after 1999 use Lexis-Nexis Academic.
  • Atlanta Constitution Historical  (1868-1929). See Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe for online access to the Journal and Constitution after 1991.
  • Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive (2000 and earlier) Includes full-text searching and access for key trade newspapers in theater, film, broadcast media and music, among them the much-requested Variety. The database is primarily historical in focus; coverage extends to the year 2000.
  • Media History Digital Library is an open-access collection of digitized media industry trade papers and fan magazines. In addition to high quality image scans of individual issues, it includes full-text searching. Many of these periodicals are not fully indexed or searchable elsewhere
  • FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals Plus (1972 to present). Major index of scholarly and popular film journals. Includes full text access to selected titles. Good index for reviews in journals such as Sight & Sound and Film Quarterly.
  • Film Review Annual. (1981 to 2002) This publication includes the text of reviews as they appeared in selected newspapers and magazines. The title of the review is never given so if you are going to cite the review you will have to find the full citation information in the original periodical or elsewhere.
  • Reader's Guide Retrospective (1890-1982) The great index to U. S. (and some British) popular and general interest magazines of the Twentieth Century. Reviews began to be listed separately under Moving Picture Plays, Criticism in 1925. Prior to that they were listed under the general subject of Moving Pictures or under the names of actors, directors or other significant people.
  • Washington Post Historical (1877-1988). Digital reproductions of every page of every issue—cover to cover--of the U.S. capital’s flagship newspaper, known for its political and government news coverage. Includes news stories, editorials, photos, graphics, and advertisements, back to the first issue. Full-text searching and browsing capabilities are available. See the Washington Post database for articles from 1987 - present.

See Also: American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures

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