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AFS 389 / HIS 385/ AAS 385 Race & the Global War: Africa During World War II: Internet Sources

This Guide is intended to help students with their research for Professor Twagira's 2017 Fall Course.

Accounts of African WW II Veterans

Autobiographies and Memoirs

These the writings of former WW II African veterans -- You will need to search Discovere to see if the Emory owns these book.

Mandambwe, Reverend John E.A. and Mario Kolk, Can You Tell Me Why I Went to War? A Story of a Young King's African Rifle, Zomba, 2008. The most recent memoir from an African veteran of the Second World War.

Fadoyebo, Isaac and David Killingray. A Stroke of Unbelievable Luck. Madison: University of Wisconsin, 1999. An account of a Nigerian Second World War veteran who served in Burma.

Itote, Waruhiu. 'Mau Mau' General. Nairobi: East African Publishing House, 1967.

Kakembo, Robert. An African Soldier Speaks: The Livingstone Press, 1947.

Nunneley, John. Tales from the King's African Rifles: A Last Flourish of Empire. Surrey: United Kingdom; Askari Books, 1998.

Select YouTube Videos

YouTube has a number of Videos that deal with Africa in World War -  Second Italo Ethiopian War Documentary Germans mock French African soldiers [WWII] The East African Campaign (1940-1941): Every Week  WWII's forgotten army: West Africa's soldiers in Burma  Africans in World War II  African Troops in Service of the British Empire   Sani Akpa: War from East Africa to Burma  Black Africans fight German Wehrmacht Army in battle of France in World War II Thiaroye: a dark chapter in France and Senegal's common history

Other Online Sources  Pocket guide to West Africa/ prepared by Special Service Division, Army Service Forces, United States Army.  [SMU Historic Government Publications from World War II Collection]  Martin Rikli Photograph Collection includes approximately 800 original images by Swiss documentary filmmaker Dr. Martin Rikli (1898-1969), taken on a voyage to and during his stay in Ethiopia during a German diplomatic and propaganda mission in the 1930s. The collection documents defensive military preparations in Addis Ababa, the capital, prior to and during the Italian invasion of Ethiopia (also known as the Second Italo–Abyssinian War). Included are three photo albums, each entitled Abessinien 1935-1936, along with a fourth album of Rikli's handwritten contextual “Notes for Photograph Collection” (Anmerkungen Zur Lichtbildsammlung). [University of Florida Digital Collection]  Convincing the Colonies - The National Archives -- British Propaganda Posters


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