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PSYC 190-5: How do we know what we know about parenting? -- Goodman

Emory University library research guide for Psychology Freshman Seminar on parenting.

Empirical Articles

An empirical article describes an original research study.

Empirical articles will include abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, and references/bibliography sections.

To locate empirical articles in PsycINFO:

  • Conduct an Advanced Search
  • Go to the Methodology section on the lower right and select "Empirical Study" from the drop-down menu

For more information, see this Empirical Research guide from Cal State Fullerton.

Find Articles in Databases

Scholarly and empirical articles from peer-reviewed psychology journals.

*Tutorial on how to find peer-reviewed, empirical articles in PsycINFO

PsycINFO Search Tips

Academic Search Complete
A multidisciplinary database of articles from scholarly journals

Find Articles by Looking up Journals

You can find articles in journal by looking up journals by title in discoverE and in ejournals@Emory.

To find an article on your research topic, search within the journal. 

Some recommended journals for your research in this class are:

Child Development

Parenting: Science and Practice

Journal of Family Psychology 

Find News Articles in Databases

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