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Chinese-African Relations: Getting Started

Information resources related to Chinese interests in Africa.

China in Africa

China in Africa. Open access image from University of Cape Town.


Source: Henry Hall's China Africa News

About This Guide

This library research guide explores a variety of research resources related to Chinese activities in Africa emphasizing current materials:  

Books:  Find titles held by Emory libraries as well as other research libraries around the world.

Articles: Use general and specialized databases to locate articles and other materials.

Websites/Blogs: There are a number of specialized websites related to Chinese-African relationships as well as scholarly blogs.

News: Covers digitized news sources.

Videos:  Find films held by Emory, videos in YouTube and Google as well as other information.

The above tabs focus on English language resources, wherever they are produced. Separate tabs cover resources primarily in Chinese:

Chinese Databases and Websites:中文数据库,网页: This section includes Chinese language databases and websites on African Studies in China, the studies of China and Africa, and the relations between China and Africa.

News and Chinese Government Document 非洲新闻与中国政府文件 Contains  news on Africa, highlighting cooperative projects between Africa and China.  The news resources are from Chinese websites, Chinese news agencies and international organizations.  It also includes the Chinese government documents on its policies towards Africa and African countries in terms of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation, Chinese economic aid to Africa and China-Africa new strategic partnership.

CCTV PROGRAM: 电视节目: TV programs on Africa and the relationship between Africa and China.

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We welcome your suggestions for additional content. Please contact Liz McBride, African Studies Librarian at or Guo Hua Wang, East Asian Studies Librarian at

Selected Reference Materials

"China-Africa Relations: A Bibliography" by David H. Shinn. African Research & Documentation, No. 108, 2008, pp. 3-87. Materials noted through March 2009.

"China-Africa Relations:  A Bibliographical Addendum" by David H. Shinn.  African Research & Documentation, No. 115, 2011, pp. 37-63. Very extensive listing including materials published through 2010.

These are major bibliographies (citations without abstracts) that cover all aspects of Chinese-African relations throughout the African continent.  Materials deal primarily with post-1949 period and were published in French or English. Some Chinese materials included if translated into English. Plans are to update this information in the same journal.

China in Africa (University of Leiden), an extensive list of books, articles and web resources compiled to accompany a seminar offered in 2008.  Helpful for number of live links.


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