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Collection Management@Emory: Collection Usage/Facts and Figures

Faculty Review

General Collection Data

Archiving of 2011-2015 usage statistics are here:​ If you are unable to access, please let Chris know and he will provide you with access to the Box folder.

For a list of usernames and passwords to run your own reports, please check the vendor credentials spreadsheet.  


Collection Statistics

Emory ARL Statistics

Throughout the year the Emory libraries collect a wide range of statistical data which they regularly report to national and regional organizations such as the Association of Research Libraries.

This site has been designed to provide easy library staff access to current ARL data as well as to an archive of past information reported to such organizations. Data has been organized both by Emory library and by broad subject area, following the reporting system used by ARL.  This site is open to all library staff. Because of the confidentiality concerns, however, some sections may only be viewed in summary form.



Approval Plan Data

Microforms (Data on Collection and Use)

General Data

  • We have 180 film cabinets.  (Fourteen of these are empty.)  There is a documented count of 116,674 reels in our film collection.  
  • We have 98 fiche cabinets.  (Five fiche cabinets are empty.) There was a documented total of 31,567 inches of microfiche in our fiche collection as of January 25, 2011.  
  • We have one wooden microcard cabinet.
  • There are 107, 451 microcards.
  • There are 24 shelves of microprint.

Proposed Metrics FY13

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