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Collection Management@Emory: News and Updates

Collection Management Meeting (September 2015)

Open Orders

This project has been completed by Acquisitions,  saving about $4500 worth of funds.  We discovered a large number of p-card issues (items received, but payment not updated in Aleph) which led to another report to resolve the issue.  Area Studies staff cancelled orders on their own.

Order Deadline FY15

As we enter soon into June, Acquisitions, Accounting, and Collection Management have agreed to a cut-off/deadline of June 30 for placing normal orders (non-rush, reserves etc) with Acquisitions. 

Please do not feel pressured to spend out your budgets, as any remaining book and AV funds will certainly be appreciated in this challenging collections year!

This deadline will provide Acquisitions and Accounting with enough time to place orders and pay invoices in time for the fiscal year roll over (note that Acquisitions will no longer place regular orders after July 30).

Please stagger your ordering as much as possible, so as to allow Acquisitions to more efficiently place orders.

Big-ticket items, approval shipments, rushes (including rush holds), and reserve items will continue to be ordered, processed and paid per usual.

CMTAG End of Fiscal Year Notes

Although CMTAG has not met in the last month or so, there has still been some activity that I would like to share with you.

A number of you have asked about licensing.  In the interim, Jessie Copeland and I will be shepherding any licenses not completed at time of David’s departure.

David will continue to forward any remaining vendor correspondence to the Emory-Eresources listserv (for the next two months).

Erica will use endowed funds to cover this subscription, and will work with Marian to import MARC records (along with a TKR in case we need to remove content at some time)

This request is for a subscription to all Accessible Archives content. This includes several databases of interest to faculty working in 19th century American history such as FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY, a popular literary and news magazine known for its detailed wood engravings and early use of daguerreotypes and the LILY, the first newspaper in the US edited by women for a female audience. The subscription also includes collections that would be nice to have, but do not warrant outright purchase, such as the county histories from the southeast and a general collection of women's suffrage materials.   An addendum has already been signed and access turned on.

EKS Korean Database

This database provides resources in the field of Korean studies, covering all academic disciplines such as arts and humanities, Korean civilization, philosophy, literature, history, social sciences, sciences, medical sciences, and physical education.

Guo-Hua received a grant from the Korea Foundation to cover half of the cost of the subscription.

License and Fund Transfer have been completed


As of June 30, Emory will no longer be participating in the LOCKSS Program as an affiliate, but rather will join CLOCKSS (like most of our peers). 

After some internal discussions and content analysis, as well as considerations regarding internal capacity (we have not been able to continue maintaining our LOCKSS box), funding and workflows, we have decided to join CLOCKSS (rather than maintain a local box), and continue our subscription to PORTICO.  The substantial majhor

PORTICO is particularly useful for us, since it provides post-cancellation access (per respective license agreements) to journal content to which we have negotiated perpetual access.

 Please keep in mind that we are considering participation in some private LOCKSS boxes for local content.

As an FYI, we are currently establishing our overarching digital preservation program (both for local and third party content), which includes CLOCKSS, PORTICO, the Digital Preservation Network, and several Hydra heads.

Here are some relevant files (LOCKSS content, CLOCKSS content, PORTICO content)

ASERL Reciprocal Reference Project

As part of ASERL, Emory is considering participation in a new initiative, the ASERL Reciprocal Reference program.
You may recall that we are already participating in a very similar initiative, the Journal Retention initiative (now called Scholars Trust) in which we agreed to maintain print holdings/runs of certain journals on behalf of our ASERL partners:


I will be attending a Reciprocal Reference Steering Committee meeting mid-next week, and provide an update.
Here is the spreadsheet of current reference titles being claimed by ASERL members.
Please start considering one or two reference collections that might be of wide interest for Emory to maintain as a participant.

Update 1: Reference Staff have identified several different reference sets that we will maintain as a second print copy, and provide reference for other member libraries.  Chris has also identified several other CIS (Congressional Information Service) sets (Index to Executive Branch Documents, for example).  See the link above.

Update 2 (June 2015):  The National Union Catalog (pre-1956 Imprints) have been de-accessioned and physically removed Level One, in light of the MOU.  UVa, Clemson, and UNCG will be the retaining institutions for the National Union Catalog (for which version, pre-1956, and who is the primary or secondary copy, please see the spreadsheet).  Specific contact information of reference questions will soon be made available to ASERL members, and publicized.


LSC Update

Emory’s basic ingest schedule

9 February 2015

System testing (November 2015)—integrations with Alma & Illiad (Document Delivery), test retrieval with inventory system, use of trays to do testing

Amy will have an ingest process map


HMA in December 2015

Keep shadowed from public view, batch file created

Should take short period of time

Stop ingest into LSC with HMA completion

Temporarily suspend the weekly transfers until first work week of January

Ingest of Clifton in Spring semester (MARBL first, then rest of Clifton)

MARBL current pilot to determine when they can move out last instead

June GT warehouse completion

Determine how to identify recycling (duplications, FDLP)

Emory and Tech working on fall out plans

Routledge Handbooks

We are considering a package or two from Routledge for their Handbooks (and by combining series/collections), possibly obtain a steeper discount).  We have a good number of these already in print (about half), so we may only want to consider e if there is course/curricular and/or research demand.  Unfortunately, as usual, the titles are not available for purchase individually.  The file below includes circulation information and availability (i.e., if any of the Emory Libraries already owns).

Please let me know if there are any subject collections in which you are interested.

I can complete the CMTAG form on your behalf.

Streaming Video

Starting in early September, we will be working with Kanopy ( to purchase one or three-year licenses for streaming video.  Click under "Browse Producers" for a listing of available "collections," or under subject.  Keep in mind that many social science titles are actually under Humanities.

James Steffen has reviewed the technical specifications, and has indicated that the specs are solid for streaming video.  David Vidor has also already reviewed the license.

Note that orders for a streaming video would be in addition to a physical DVD copy (or in lieu of a DVD copy, if you do not wish to have a physical copy).  In other words, if you also want a DVD copy, you will need to use the newliborders listserv, or rush order form if it is a rush order request.

Also note that costs for these streaming videos would be borne by the subject librarian (usually about $150/yr license).  Since this is an electronic item, and involves licensing, all orders will need to be placed through the CMTAG listserv.

More to come soon; this is just a preview!

Collection Management Meeting December 18, 2014

Collection Management meeting

15 December 2014

Brief Notes

  1. Database Review Update—current savings FY15/FY16: Good progress has been made on the Database Review, major savings from renegotiation of ACM contract, cancellation of Statistical Insight, Books in Print, decrease in subscription cost to IEEE, change in IMF data subscriptions.  A few other databases still need review and recommendations for keeping or cancelling by January 15, if possible.  Decisions in particular on the following would be useful: Derwent Innovations Index, Index to Current Urban Documents, Russian National Bibliography, Women and Social Movements International and Universal Russian Newspaper Database [for this latter one, can we just get access to some of the papers?].
  2. NetLibrary records—Chris will make a request through ECR and Systems to remove NetLibrary records from Aleph and from OCLC.  Patrons can still locate these titles through EBSCOhost.  A list of titles purchased (through GALILIEO) of NetLibrary Titles is available at the bottom of these notes.  Note that a good number of these titles are not available for upgrades to a greater number of users (as are current EBSCOhost titles) due to licensing restrictions.  In addition, usage statistics are hard to come by for these older titles (if at all). UPDATE: Per some advice from Technical Services, it has been decided to NOT remove these records, as some of these records also include links to e-versions from other vendors/publishers and do not have unique TKR identifiers. 
  3. Additional e-book licenses now in GOBI—several new options for firm ordering purchasing are now available in GOBI (  Keep in mind that the preference for firm ordering is directly from the publisher, where available
  4. Collection management projects that involve WTS—just a reminder that if you have any major weeding projects, new vendor plans, or cancellations, that you please let Chris know so that he can interface with Technical Services.
  5. The Wiley (1 year), Sage (3 year) and Elsevier (5 year) licenses/renewals have been signed. A review of the Wiley subscription was performed, using vendor statistics to determine if the deal is still financially sound for Emory, based on usage of the core and full collections to which we have access.  A substantial savings of over $750K was calculated.
  6. New CMTAG purchases
    1. Statista (to replace the very expensive, yet infrequently used ProQuest Statistical Insight)-- Provides access to downloadable statistics and studies gathered by market researchers, trade organizations, scientific publications, and government sources on over 600 industries.
    2. Sage Research Methods Cases new module (addition to Sage Research Methods Online)--
    3. American Histories and Cultures (Adam Matthews):  Search for primary documents that present a unique insight into interactions between American Indians and Europeans from their earliest contact, continuing through the turbulence of the American Civil War, the on-going repercussions of government legislation, right up to the civil rights movement of the mid- to late-twentieth century.
  7. DDA and STL fee increases—Unfortunately, publishers have begun to significantly and substantially increase short-term loan fees for DDA/PDA titles.  A recent analysis was performed to determine the potential impact (based on past purchases), which indicated that there would be over $6K in fees. In early Spring, we will need to review the publishers in DDA as well as the price cap to potentially address this issue.
  8. Textbook/Course Readings Initiative—Ideas—student work—Google Doc—At the end of these notes, you will find a link to a Googledoc with course readings/assignments per Spring 2015 course (use the tabs for specific disciplines) and whether or not we have these in print and/or electronic versions.  If you do choose, please annotate the spreadsheet with your decision, along with the cost of the title.  This list will also be shared with Reserves.  The list of titles is not completely accurate, as some course readings are still pending (however, the list will be updated over the next few weeks into the Spring semester).
  9. EBook Presentation at LPC (to be shared with Collection Mgmt)—this presentation is available on the ebook page for Collection Management.  It includes facts, figures, issues, etc. about ebooks here at Woodruff.
  10. LSC Updates (collection preparation for Woodruff)
  11. Digital Collection Development Policy Steering Committee—the new Digital Collections Development Policy has been approved by Library Cabinet and membership of the new steering committee and subgroups has been approved by Yolanda.  First meeting of these groups will be in late January.  For more information and the specifics of the policy and the charges for each group, please see:
  12. Reveal Digital
  13. McNaughton—Science Collection (Chemistry) Update—Kristan/Chris Doty (follow ups).  Chris P, Chris D and Kristan are working with Tech Services (who will be handling the automatic loading of McNaughton records specs, with Stacks/Services handling the rest of the process) to assemble a Science McNaughton collection for the new Chemistry Library, slated for opening in the Summer of 2015.‚Äč
  14. CFDE update—Joyce, Chris and technical services representatives have collaborated to have the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence titles (primarily focusing on pedagogy) catalogued and made available through DiscoverE.  The CFDE can also request purchase of titles.  We will be purchasing these through the use of existing Education funds

Booksale (September 2014)

Book Sale Announcement

UPDATE:  Book sale proceeds totalled $2100!  Thanks everyone!  The remaining boxes will be picked up and disseminated by Better World Books.

Please join Emory University’s Woodruff Library for a small book sale Tuesday and Wednesday, September 2 and 3, 2014 in the Jones Room of the Woodruff Library, from 10am-5pm.   The vast majority of books will be priced at 50 cents for paperbacks and $1.00 for hardbacks (cash only).  An assortment of disciplines will be available, including a good bit of political history, some art, and some German, Spanish and Indian titles.  We hope that you will find something of interest for your leisure or for your studies.  Proceeds from the book sale will go to the collections budget and to the Library Employee Advocacy Group (LEAF).  For library staff who wish to volunteer, please sign up here.   If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns,  please contact Chris Palazzolo (, 404-727-0143) or Sandra Still (, 404-727-1061).

Image used under a Creative Commons License 2.0

Open Orders Reports

  • Prior to this year's rollover, Acquisitions and Accounting will run a report for orders that have not been fulfilled for >=2 years, to be posted on the CM webpage.
  • The report will be reviewed by selectors, and acquisitions staff.  The report is to be arranged be by fund code and basic bib information, so that you may identify which orders are in your area.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, these orders will be cancelled, and the encumbrances removed from individual accounts/funds, thereby increasing our overall free balance.
  • There are plans to run such a report on a regular basis (timing to be determined) for review of old open orders.
  • We will also most likely run a report to determine average length of time for order fulfillment by fund code.

Biomedical Engineering Report (Tech/Emory)

The Biomedical Engineering Collection Review is now available.

The report's main goals are to:

To assess each Library’s collection for strengths and weakness with respect its support of the joint GT / Emory BME Department

To assess the combined GT / Emory collection for strengths and weakness with respect to its support of the joint GT / Emory BME Department

To explore opportunities to cooperatively provide resources for our joint Biomedical PhD program.

To gage GT’s increasing demand for materials and resources in medical science.

Presentation for Director (March 2014)

New Forms

In an effort to better track data and collaborate with acquisitions, we are asking that you begin to use the new "Rush Hold Form."  We have taken into account your suggestions and revisions as much as possible to balance the needs of acquisitions and CM.

This form is only for rush items that have a patron hold associated with them (and therefore they will be subject to expedited cataloguing). PLEASE COMPLETE WITH AS MUCH INFORMATION, e.g., LINKS to REQUESTED ITEMS, AS POSSIBLE!

This form is NOT for a rush notify (which is not possible under Aleph), so if you want to notify a patron, use the form and make it a Rush Hold.

Note that for regular firm orders, you may still utilize the newliborders listserv, and if desired, request expedited cataloguing.

Note that at this point in time, the database will not include the purchase order number (we do not have a means under our current software license to).  However, individual rush hold orders (in addition to all firm orders) are all searchable in Aleph, where you can locate the purchase order and status

There is a box for PATRON ID, if you know it (it's the fastest way for Acquisitions to locate the patron), but you may also use the patron's NETID.  The patron ID can be relatively easily located in the CIRC module of Aleph.

You may bookmark the web form, or find it on the under "updates" or "forms" on the collection management libguide (

Finally, look out soon for new CMTAG and Journal Recommendation forms, using the same Formstack software as above.


For previews see here:

Vendor Usage Consolidation Project

Collection Management has also been implementing a vendor usage project for the past six months to better guage and consolidate the use (and cost per use) of our numerous electronic resources, including ebooks and ejournals.  For more information, you may click on the tab for "Collection Usage."  The GOBI circulation project noted below is also part of this project, albeit for the print counterpart of our collections.  This project has involved becoming (overly) familiar with COUNTER statitstics, SUSHI, and various vendor and publisher usage statistic gathering practices.  Initial work had to be completed just on gathering credentials for accessing and acquiring said numbers/statistics.

Of course, there are other ways to guage collection use--most notably through publication citations--but citation analysis is not a part of this initial project.

We have decided to subscribe to Usage Consolidation, a new product from EBSCO (with its own set of growing pains) as an initial means to gather this data in one place.  Use your EBSCO login to access this service (it is in the upper lefthand corner of the page).

GOBI Circulation Project

Contemporary collection management often heralds the decline of print collections.  However, at Woodruff Library (Emory University), we continue to build significant physical collections to meet the curricular and research needs of our students and faculty.   We have recently begun to expand our approval plans to allow for the purchase and acquisition of e-titles.   With this growth (and demand for space) has come the need for assessment of these collections. As one method of assessing the use of Woodruff Library’s monograph collection, we have decided to examine the number of loans for print and e-books (short-term loans and title requests in this case) across all subject areas during a three-year period to identify the subject areas of books (as well as publishers and series) that were loaned most or least frequently. Analyses were performed for both approval plan purchases (e and print) and firm orders from Yankee Book Peddler. By matching up circulation data with publisher and series information for each book title, we have been able to progressively narrow our analyses and ultimately reveal specific subject areas and publishers for which future purchasing decisions could potentially be modified. We plan to present the results of our analysis, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this approach, and consider how variations in the patterns of use across different subject areas might impact collection development decisions.  


  • Some ISBNs can not be matched due to missing data in the catalog records
  • ISBNs are not included for added volumes in standing orders.
  • There are still a few glitches in terms of the script matching the ISBN correctly.
  • There are missing records in the enhanced record file from YBP so there may be some discrepancies in terms of percentages of items loaned, publishers with no circulations or use.
  • The data below focuses specifically on 2010 firm orders and approval titles received.
  • The next phase will be to study 2009 activity (Summer 2013).

EBSCO Journal Drops

You may or may not have heard, but Taylor and Francis (and its associated publishers, Routledge, Bentham Science Publishers, Karger AG) have removed content from EBSCO databases. There are a wide variety of titles here across most disciplines.

This is a spreadsheet (list) of these journal titles removed from EBSCO.  I have annotated it to show where we have lost e-content.  Note that in not insignificant number of cases, we already have licensed content to the journal directly with Taylor and Francis, but we did lose e-content in a good number of cases (albeit embargoed).  Note that I did not check on print coverage for these journals, so it may be the case that there are some current print subscriptions.

ASERL Journal Retention Project

Woodruff Library is a participant in ASERL’s Cooperative Journal Retention Program, now known as the Scholars Trust.


ASERL (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries) has recently approved the ASERL Collaborative Journal Retention Program Agreement as a means of optimizing collection management across the consortium.  The  retention program agreement is in effect through December 31, 2035. A group of 24 ASERL libraries (and counting) are retaining titles under this agreement.  A read-only copy of the current working title list for those libraries (Excel spreadsheet) is named ASERL-Working-list_updated_2013_01_14) and is available for download here.

Woodruff Library’s current working title list (Google spreadsheet) is named Woodruff ASERL Journal Retention, and is available for viewing here.

 If you would like to suggest corrections and/or additions to Woodruff Library’s working title list, please e-mail Steve Johnson (

Fall 2014 Updates

As our Fall September Collection Management meeting will not be held until Friday, September 26, I wanted to provide some updates:

I have completed allocations based on these preliminary figures, with the following adjustments (note that allocations can be found on F:/Librarywide/CollMgt/Budgets/FY15)

Myra and Larry should have these allocations entered into Aleph by Wednesday, the 17th.

Some adjustments are undoubtedly inevitable, but will be managed on a case by case basis.

However, here are the major alterations:

  • Most all subject funds received a 10% decrease in allocation, which was based on last year's total spend.
  • A good number of non-Yankee approval plans were also reduced by about 10%, again based on last year's spend.  Liaisons in charge of these approvals will need to inform their approval contacts.
  • Most subject database allocations were adjusted to incorporate recurring database subscription costs approved in the past year under New-Databas-Sub.
  • 35% reductions in GEN ONE TIME and GEN ONE TIME ELEC.
  • Contingency at around $104K, need to supplement what has already been allocated in the transition period (NOTE as of 9/12/2014: we are moving this money into the EBSCO deposit account for the time being)
  • Slight Increase in Shelf-Ready Fees for YBP (now in production, and per Technical Services has proven to be a success)
  • Common Good adjustments made (5% decrease).

Our endowed fund balances remain slightly high, so Michael is encouraging us to use said funds whenever possible.

Endowed funds payments, such as Woodruff accounts, are usually received in October

The inaugural CMTAG meeting will be held on September 29, 2014

  • Note that there has already been some CMTAG activity:
  • We have purchased a subscription to the Browzine app, in order to take advantage of the ASERL discount offer (note that there will be a spot on the liberty homepage slideshow for some publicity).
  • In order to meet faculty demand, we are purchasing a subscription to PhilPapers (
  • David is working on contacting a number of publishers who have agreements with YBP for a la carte ebook purchasing through YBP.

Collection Use Infoforum

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