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Collection Management@Emory: Database and Serial Reviews (2014-)

Journal Package Lists

Serial Reviews (FY16)

Database Review FY14-15

Services Division/Collection Management

Database Review

Fall 2014

Not all databases will be under review, only selected databases that have identified as specialized or have suspected low usage.  Only those databases for which we have subscription access will be included, no databases that have been purchased outright and have ongoing maintenance fees are included (for obvious reasons)!

The database spreadsheet is here (updated 30 April 2015):

and is  annotated with the following


  • Subscription cost
  • Subscription end date
  • Fund
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Start date for Subscription
  • Relevant statistics on searches and sessions [DB1 COUNTER Stats] and WebRelay [Proxy statistics] for 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  • Cost per use calculations
  • Comments (further information for evaluation/assessment not captured by numbers)

The review process takes into account a combination of quantitative, qualitative and cost measures, and we have provided some of that data on the review lists to help inform your feedback. For example, low use measures may indicate a small community of users, but an essential database for a particular field or discipline.  Also, newer databases may not have had a chance to “catch on” with the user base (although we try to include longitudinal data where possible).  Subject librarians are encouraged to speak with affected faculty and students regarding use of specific databases for their research.  Please note that there is no dollar amount that we are looking to attain in terms of cancellations (as we did once before in 2007).  It is simply that time to review!

Review period is November 15-January 15, with a goal of cancellation (or intent to cancel expressed to vendor) by February 15, 2015.  In some cases, there may be some license restrictions as to notice of cancellation, so cancellation may not be effective until early 2016.


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