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Collections@Emory: Introduction and News


What is the group?

The Collections@Emory Strategic Objective has been formed to develop a long-term plan for developing Emory collections.   The over-reaching goal of the group is "improve our users' access to the content they need in the format they want."   To achieve that goal the group will launch a series of initiatives.


Who is on the group?

Sandra Franklin
   Director, Health Sciences Ctr. Lib.

Frances Maloy
   Director, Service Division Woodruff Library

Lars Meyer
   Director, Content Division,  Woodruff Library 

Chuck Spornick
   Head, Collection Management, Woodruff Library

Collections@Emory Strategic Objective


To improve our users’ access to the content they need in the format they want.

Collections are a critical service to the students and faculty of Emory University.   The success of our faculty and students in their research and teaching is directly affected by the quality of our library collections.  To improve our users access to the content they need, we have committed to a series of initiatives to improve our collections and how they are discovered.   

Strategic Initiatives

FY2012 Initiatives

  1. Life Sciences Transfer Project
  2. Develop holdings in electronic journals
  3. Collection gaps for neurosciences
  4. DDA (Demand Driven Acquisitions)
  5. Review of holdings in the Woodruff Stack Tower
  6. e-readers for the use of library resources
  7. provide users with access to the content of the HathiTrust
  8. development of an Offsite Storage Policy
  9. GT / Emory proposal for joint storage
  10. ElCoDe:  revive the Librarian's Council ElCoDe group (heads of collections from all EUL)
  11. better understanding of our faculty and their expectations regarding library collections

FY2013 Initiatives

  1. DDA
  2. e-journals 2013
  3. e-resources value

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