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Economics 410: Topics in Macroeconomics: I Need an Overview of a Topic/Area of Research

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Handbooks in Economics

Handbook of Macroeconomics

Volume 1, Part C, Pages 1231-1745 (1999)

Edited by John B. Taylor and Michael Woodford


Handbook of Monetary Economics

Volume 3, Pages 3-1529, I1-I177 (2010)

Edited by Benjamin M. Friedman and Michael Woodford


Handbook of Economics and Finance

Volume 2, Part B, Pages 799-1612 (2013) 

Edited by George M. Constantinides, Milton Harris and Rene M. Stulz


Handbook of Economic Forecasting

Volume 2, Part B, Pages 689-1324 (2013)

Edited by Graham Elliott and Allan Timmermann


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