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Equipment Collections at Emory

The Audio/Visuals Collection at the Robert W. Woodruff Library's Music and Media Library is a pool of audio visuals equipment, readily available for the Emory community.

Borrowing Information

This equipment may be checked out for one week at a time from the Music and Media desk.

These items cannot be renewed. 

Overdue fines are $5.00 per day.  

See complete loan policies at the bottom of this page.

Equipment Available

4th Generation iPads

4th Generation iPad and accompanying Accessory Bundle

The library currently circulates 4th generation iPads for 1-week out-of-building loan.

Each iPad is housed in a polyurethane Smart Case and circulates with a Case Bundle that includes a carrying case, Lightning to USB cable, and wall adapter.

Patrons can log in with their Apple ID and whatever apps they have available on their own account should also be available on the iPad.


iPad Policies

  • iPads check out for one week, with no renewals. Patrons can only check out one at a time.
  • Emory University students must present their Emory Card to checkout an iPad. Emory University faculty and staff must present their Emory Card or driver's license.
  • Patrons must wait twenty-four hours after returning an iPad before checking out another.
  • Each iPad is checked out with an accompanying accessory bundle.  This bundle includes a protective carrying case, a USB power adaptor, and a lightning to USB cable.
  • Overdue fines are $5.00 per day, with a $750.00 fine for any iPad that is lost, stolen, damaged beyond repair, or not returned.
  • The iPad must be removed from your iCloud account's "Find my iPad" feature before we can check in and restore it. If you do not remove the device from "Find my iPad," late fees will accrue until it can be checked in and restored.
  • If the Music & Media Library is closed, iPads must be returned to the Security Desk on Level 2. The $5 per day overdue fine will accrue until the device is checked in the following morning.
  • Charges for damage will be assessed based on repair cost.
  • When returned, all iPads will be cleared of all data and restored to the default image.  The library is not responsible for any loss of data.
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