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FILM 503 - Censorship in Film and Television - Fall 2017

Course Description

Content: Using historical case studies, this course will examine the legal, social, and artistic dimensions of censorship and content regulation in film and television. A significant portion of the course will be devoted to the censorship and regulation of Hollywood films, from the Production Code Administration to the current ratings system. The course will also look at issues such as local and international censorship, state surveillance of artists and spectators, pornography, and the home video revolution of the 1980s. Through the readings and assignments, students will develop skills in historical research questions and methodologies, especially working with primary source materials. Trigger warning: the films and videos screened in this course may contain objectionable or disturbing content of various kinds.

American Film Institute Catalog


American Film Institute Catalog


This excellent online resource for American feature films (1893-1973) gives production information, date of release and date of copyright, length in reels and minutes, director and production staff, source (if based on short story, novel, play), a full cast list (including many uncredited roles)and a plot summary. Entries often include notes and review sources from cinema and trade journals not indexed anywhere else, making this a useful starting point for more advanced research. 

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