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French 313: French Culture and Civilization: Literary Resources

Featured Resource

We have been growing our French (and other foreign language) graphic novels and comics! Check out the following section in the stacks for these titles, which are both historical and literary in nature: PN6700-6790=Comic books, strips, etc..

Humanities Databases and Resources

MLA International Bibliography

Produced by the Modern Language Association, this database indexes critical scholarship on literature, language, linguistics, and folklore. Coverage includes journals, series, monographs, dissertations, bibliographies, proceedings, and other material

FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals Plus

Publisher description: Indexes more than 300,000 articles from 300 of the world's foremost academic and popular film journals, dating from 1972 onward. The database also incorporates the International Index to TV Periodicals; Treasures from the Film Archives, which identifies silent film holdings in archives around the world, and the International Directory of Film/TV Documentation Collections.

Humanities Abstracts

A bibliographic database that cites articles from English-language periodicals. Periodical coverage includes some of the best-known scholarly journals and numerous lesser-known but important specialized magazines.

Primary Documents

Gallica est la bibliothèque numérique de la Bibliothèque nationale de France et de ses partenaires. En ligne depuis 1997, elle s’enrichit chaque semaine de milliers de nouveautés et offre aujourd’hui accès à plusieurs millions de documents.

ARTFL Project

The Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language (ARTFL) based at the University of Chicago compiles texts of classic works of French literature, non-fiction prose and technical writing in such subjects as biology, history, economics, philosophy and literary criticism. Includes texts from medieval and Renaissance time periods up to the 20th century.  Also includes un dictionnaire "vivant" de la langue francaise.
Europeana: Europe's Digital Library
Direct access to several million digital objects: film,photos, paintings, sound recordings, maps, manuscripts, books,newspapers and archival papers.Selected from already digitized resources available in Europe's museums, libraries, archives and audio-visual collections. French and German cultural institutions are particularly well-represented.

Where in the Stacks are the Books?

Use DiscoverE to check Emory's holdings.

PN6745-6790  French comic books, graphic novels


PQ1-3999  French literature
PQ1-771  History and criticism
PQ1100-1297  Collections
PQ1100-1145  General
PQ1160-1193  Poetry
PQ1211-1241  Drama
PQ1243-1297  Prose
PQ1600-2726  Modern literature 

Individual authors
PQ1600-1709  16th century
PQ1710-1935  17th century
PQ1947-2147  18th century
PQ2149-2551  19th century
PQ2600-2651  1900-1960
PQ2660-2686  1961-2000
PQ2700-2726  2001-

PQ3800-3999  Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

Check out Worldcat to identify titles that Emory may not own, but can potentially access/request.

Literature Databases

Literature Resource Center
A full-text literature reference database rich in biographical, bibliographical, and critical content. Search by author, title, literary theme, and literary movement or time period, among other methods. Search for French literary movements: French Romanticism, French Realism, French Neoclassicism, Surrealism, and more. Search for specific authors: Jean Racine, Molière, Guy de Maupassant, Victor Hugo, etc. Search for specific works: Le Tartuffe, Madame Bovary, or Les Miserables.

Browse publications that focus on French literature by doing an Advanced Search, leaving all the fields blank, and clicking on the "Browse" link near the "Search by Publication Title" box.  Some of the titles you can browse include: Sixteenth-Century French Writers; French Dramatists, 1789-1914; Seventeenth-Century French Writers; Nineteenth Century French Fiction Writers: Romanticism and Realism, 1800-1860; Nineteenth Century French Fiction Writers: Naturalism and Beyond, 1860-1900; Nineteenth-Century French Studies; French Novelists, 1900-1930; French Novelists, 1930-1960; and French Novelists since 1960. Full-text

LITAF: Littérature Africaine Francophone (free online Web resource)
Bibliographic database of Sub-Saharan literature in French. More than 6,500 references for a broad spectrum of writing, including: novels, short stories, poetry, drama, essays, biographies, memoirs, as well as translations of works into African and other European languages. Also includes references for anthologies of myths and legends, children's literature and comics. The database may be searched and browsed in a number of ways, including by: author, author's country of origin, genre, the country that is the focus of the text, publisher, and so on. Citations only. In French!

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