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***Important Changes to Booking Policies***

In an effort to increase the number of students GWSS can serve, we're instituting a cap on the number of appointments each student can schedule per semester. Beginning in Spring 2017, each student will be able to schedule a maximum of six full appointments per semester. This is an average of one appointment every two weeks.

However, to offset this change, we're also introducing a new category of appointments that do not count toward your maximum: short follow-ups. As the name indicates, these appointments are designed for working through relatively minor remaining issues on a document about which you've already consulted. They can only be booked directly with your consultant at the end of a full meeting, and may not always be available depending on the consultant's schedule. You may still use more than one of your available six appointments to work on a single document if more comprehensive changes are necessary. Please feel free to talk with your consultant about these changes.

Finally, please note that our cancelation policy will be strictly enforced going forward.

Benefits of this Service

- Sessions are scheduled at your convenience. Follow the "Make an Appointment" tab to see available times.

- Sessions can cover as little or as much material as you wish.

- Sessions can last up to two hours.

- You can submit your material prior to the meeting in order to ensure that conferences are as productive and personalized as possible.
- Sessions can be held via Skype or on the phone if meeting at the library is inconvenient.

Contact Information

Cat Prueitt, PhD
GWSS Coordinator

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Support Service

The Woodruff Library and Laney Graduate School invite LGS students to participate in a support service created solely with the demands of graduate school in mind.

Our service differs from the Writing Center because we read your work in advance, which allows us to provide comprehensive feedback on the entirety of your project.

Schedule a collaborative writing consultation personalized for your writing project through the Make an Appointment page.

  • All types of writing are welcome, including seminar papers, dissertation chapters, applications for grants or fellowships, articles, conference papers, and job letters.
  • We carefully read and become familiar with your work ahead of time.
  • We tailor the sessions to your individual needs. We work on everything from prose and organization to clarity of content and argumentation.
  • Sessions do not have a set duration and often last for two hours.
  • You can schedule a maximum of six appointments per semester. These appointments may occur with whatever frequency you please.



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