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AAS 410: American Human Rights Policy

Research guide to support research seminar investigating U.S. human rights policies both domestically and internationally.

American Human Rights Policy

Cartoon by Emad Hajjaj from P.A.P.-Blog: Human Rights, Inc.


The primary purpose of the seminar is to train students in historical methodology, especially in the techniques of research, writing, interpretation, and criticism. Consequently, the major emphasis will be on the production and criticism of research papers.

Papers:  Each student will write a research paper and present it for class discussion and criticism. Papers should be between 20-25 pages in length (typewritten and double-spaced) and should be accompanied by a title page, footnotes, and a bibiiography.

Due dates for Spring 2015:

  • Topic Page: Feb.4
  • Working Bibliography: Feb 11
  • Introduction: Feb. 25
  • Presentation Draft: March 27
  • Research Journal: March 27
  • Permission form: March 27
  • Final Paper: May 5

For details consult your syllabus.

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