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Economics 431: International Trade: Handy Reference Materials/Reviews of the Literature

Handbooks in Economics

Handbooks in Economics, a great series with up to date scholarly research developments in a variety of economic subfields.  Check out the following volume:  Handbook of International Economics, Part 1 (International Trade Theory and Policy).  Of particular use are the rather comprehensive bibiliographies.  In many cases, the bibliographies will be cross-referenced and full-text available.  In other cases, you will need to use other resources, such as eJournals to locate the full-text of the desired article or DiscoverE for a book.

Example Bibliography:

  • Brainard, 1994 L. Brainard, Last one out wins: Trade policy in an international exit game. International Economic Review,  35  (1994), pp. 151–172.
  • Brainard and Martimort, 1992 L. Brainard and D. Martimort, Strategic trade policy with incompletely informed policymakers. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No. 4069, (1992).
  • Branco, 1994 F. Branco, Favoring domestic firms in procurement contracts. Journal of International Economics,  37  (1994), pp. 65–80. Article | PDF (896 K) | | View Record in Scopus | | Cited By in Scopus (29)


The top two articles require you to search for the International Economic Review and National Bureau of Economics Research in eJournals; the other article is already available to you full-text by way of the index.

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