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Journalism 496: Internship in Journalism: Reference Sources

This guide supports the JRNL 496R: Internship in Journalism assignment on background information for media organizations.

Reference Sources

Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media (5 volumes)
Ref Desk Z6951 .A97
Good to use to discover what media outlets are in a city.  For example, if you want to move to Tampa, this directory will give you lists of all the media outlets in Tampa.  Covers U.S. and Canada (v.1-4) and International organizations (v.5). ***See the "User's Guide," p. xi-xv of v.1, for guidance on how to read the entries and a full description of what is contained in each volume. A brief description appears below:

V. 1 & 2 are organized by state/city.  Includes newspapers, magazines, journals, radio stations, television stations, and cable systems. For print media, information includes publisher, address and telephone, e-mail, beginning date, description, advertising rates, circulation, and remarks. For broadcast media, call letters and frequency, address, format, operating hours, advertising rates, key personnel, and remarks. Earlier editions in stacks.

V.3 includes listings by category (including categories like "Ethnic publications").

V. 4 is listings by region (e.g. Southern States).

Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook
HF6146 .R3 B7 Woodruff Library Book Stacks, 6th Floor
Provides industry overview; television listings for geographic areas, call letters, Spanish-language stations, experimental stations, college and university stations, market statistics; Nielsen DMA Market Atlas and rankings; cable systems and market data; radio listings and market statistics; satellites and other carriers; programming services;technological services; and brokers and professional services. Earlier editions in stacks.

Editor and Publisher International Year Book (3 parts)
Reference PN4700 .E43
Intends to be a complete listing of U.S. daily newspapers with circulation, rates, executive personnel, departmental managers, and editors; weekly newspapers; printing equipment and suppliers; syndicated services; organizations; schools of journalism; foreign correspondents and more.

Part 3 is a contact directory listing personnel from groups listed in Parts 1 and 2. Earlier editions in storage.

Editor and Publisher Market Guide
Reference PN 4700 .E42
Information on newspaper markets and demographics. 
International Focus:

Benn's Media (4 volumes)
Ref Desk Z6941 .B45
Issued in four volumes (UK, Europe, North America, World), Benn's lists publishing houses, national newspapers, regional newspapers, consumer periodicals, business and professional periodicals, broadcasting services, media organizations, and on-line media. See volume 3 for North America. Earlier editions in stacks.

Willing's Press Guide (3 volumes)
Ref Desk Z6956 .E5 W5
Describes the newspaper and periodical press and broadcast media in the United Kingdom (volume 1), Western Europe (volume 2) and the rest of the world (volume 3). Earlier editions in stacks.

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