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Services Division Marketing and Outreach Plan: 2012 Marketing Plan for Services Division Outreach


Marketing is playing an increasingly important role in the work of libraries. One of the most crucial marketing needs for libraries is to reach out to those who do not know the gamut of services provided by their institutions. The Emory University Libraries have a marketing department, but to provide more emphasis on the ways in which it supports faculty and students, the Services Division of the Emory Libraries is reaching out to the university community in a complementary effort. Many of these projects have been underway for years without being considered methods of outreach and branding; this marketing plan provides direction for the Services Division’s marketing activities.

Audience Profiles

The Services Division tries to reach several audiences with its marketing efforts. The first of these is the student body, both undergraduate and graduate. Secondly, faculty members also take advantage of library services. Thirdly, Emory staff and members of the public use the library, though far less often than students and faculty.

Emory's student body of approximately 13,000 is split nearly evenly between undergraduate and graduate students. The Emory Libraries serve a diverse range of studies; to aid them in their work, the Services Division provides assistance with reference, instruction, lending, copyright, digitization, and other needs.

Faculty members also take advantage of subject liaisons' skills and expertise both in the classroom and for their own research projects. 

Key Messaging

As with any marketing campaign, the Services Division must focus on the messages most important to communicate to its patrons. These include:

  • The librarian’s first and most important responsibility is to assist library patrons with their projects
  • Patrons can schedule meetings with subject liaisons for in-depth discussions on research
  • Librarians provide ongoing support to help students and faculty ensure success in their scholarship
  • Information professionals at the Emory Libraries can help patrons learn new technologies, new forms of scholarship, and new ways to disseminate research
  • Faculty members can use the library to meet learning objectives and campus requirements, including credit hour plus and the QEP
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